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July 17, 2008

The Wilderness

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The Wilderness


The wilderness is rugged,

I feel so cold and lone.

My eyes look back to Egypt

where I felt at home.

But Jesus Lord, my Master

had a plan for me,

He kicked me out of Egypt,

so He could set me free.


How long must I wander?

Lord, do You hear my groans?

Your fire it is burning,

I don’t think I’ll last long.

Yet, my Lord, I trust You.

Strengthen my weak faith.

A vessel you will make me

when all my bars You break.


Lord, my God, the river,

I know it’s down this road.

Take my hands and lead me

down this rugged road.

Your crystal goblet make me.

Praise God, I’m free from Sin.

Fill me, Lord, and use me

so others may come in.


Prayer:  Father God, as You lead me up and down the mountains and through the wilderness of spiritual growth, help me to have an open mind, heart and spirit to the lessons You have for me.  Bring me into the oneness Jesus prayed for us to be.  I give You myself,  Mold and shape me into Your image through me to all those I meet on my path.



The Wilderness


Scripture reading: 1 Peter 1:7-11


            When they first stepped into the wilderness the Hebrew children were a short walk from the Promised Land.  Why did they have to wander for forty years?  The moment we ask Jesus Christ to save us and be Lord of our life we are a short walk from the Promised Land.  Why do we have to wander so long before we can come into a real relationship with Him?

            Living in such an intellectual time it seems we should be able to learn all we need from reading the Bible and from the testimonies of other great saints.  Surely we are smart enough not to make the same mistakes others made.

            Just as a muscle cannot grow without exercise, our spirit needs exercise to grow.   Walking through life in openness to God will bring about this growth.  We must each take our own walk in spiritual growth.  We cannot know God personally through someone else’s experience.  We must taste and see for ourselves in order for God’s love to become a reality in our life.

            This book is a collection of poems and writings intended for the encouragement of the saints who are walking through their wilderness.  Though many of the chapters relate to physical suffering, each one deals with a lesson that each traveler needs to learn sometime during life’s journey to the Promised Land.

            I pray that you will reflect on this journey in prayer and commit to God your willingness to walk through the wilderness with Him.  The Hebrew children did enter the Promised Land and you will also.

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