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July 29, 2008

The Onion

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The Onion


All these years of earthly life

Have made me just the same

As the layers of the skins

Of the onions God has made.

Layers upon layers more

Have hidden me so deep

Until not even I could see

What lay within the core.


Then, my Lord, You took Your knife

And pierced the outer skin.

And one by one the layers left

To only show more skin.

But somewhere down below the deep

I know there is a core

For I am in Your Image made

Through Jesus Christ my Lord.


As each layer peels away

I think I’ve found the core.

But then I find that there’s much more

Before I see the core.

I think, my Lord, that it will take

All of my earthly life

To peel all layers off of me

And show Your glorious Light.


But even in this process, Lord,

As years and layers fade,

Each one allows Your light to shine

More glorious every day.

Keep peeling off the layers, Lord,

Until all men can see

Jesus Christ shine out through me

Bright and pure and free.




The Onion


                Do you sometimes wonder if you’ll ever learn?  Does it seem as if God is always having you walk out the same things over and over?  when I complained of this to a friend he said that we are just like onions.  to someone who is going through the process of finding out who they are, this was not a comforting thought.  There was also the fear that when all the layers were finally gone, there would be absolutely nothing left.

                To have Jesus within us is an instantaneous event.  He comes within us to reside the moment we invite Him by accepting Him as our Lord and Savior.  He will not leave unless we push Him out.  to become translucent enough for others to see Jesus in us is a long, painful process.  We must shed the artificial layers we have built around us until we finally see our inner core.  If this were accomplished instantaneously we would be in mental and emotional shock.  God works slowly and steadily within us giving our minds time to comprehend and our emotions time to adjust.

                Even in this process our loving Father already sees us as perfect and loves us with His perfect love.  Allow Him to love you as He clears away the layers that cover His Image in you.

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