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August 31, 2008

When Someone Else is Healed

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Others Freed


Lord, I stood in front at church

while many prayed for me,

and all around so many souls

were seen to be set free.

As I watched through teary eyes

and hands were laid on me,

You said, “Not yet dear child of Mine.

Just trust and follow Me.”


Lord, it’s hard for me to praise

for others who are free,

I’m so tired and full of pain

that cries out “God, free me!”

But I did choose to walk with You

though where, I could not see,

and through my tears I will rejoice

with all whom You have freed.






Prayer:  Father, help me be truly thankful for the blessings You give others.  Help me learn to trust Your wisdom and timing with me and see all that happens to me as a blessing in process from You.


When Someone Else is Healed


Scripture reading: Hebrews 4:12-16


            How do you handle it when someone else is healed by God and you remain sick?  That is very difficult for the human emotion.  The Bible says in Romans 12:15, “Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.”  There is a part of you that really does, however, there is also a part of you that cries out in protest, “Why me, Lord?  How come you healed him and not me?”

            Don’t condemn yourself for that as an initial reaction.  You are human with normal human emotions and it is very normal to earnestly desire good health.  Some will tell you you are not healed because of disobedience or sin in your life, because you haven’t enough faith, because you haven’t taken a stand against Satan, and many other suggestions.  Be open to these in prayer with others who know you well.  Ask God if any of them apply to your situation.  If you and those who really know you hear God say yes, seek appropriate counsel and take action.  If you hear otherwise, stand firm on what God says.  Do not allow others to put doubt into your mind.  Don’t condemn them for their views as they might be right for them.

            If you have given God control of your life you can stand on trust that He indeed controls everything that touches you and turns everything that touches you for good and His glory.

            In John 21:21-22 we read, “Peter therefore seeing him said to Jesus, “Lord, and what about this man?”  Jesus said to him, ‘If I want’ him to remain until I come, what is that to you?  You follow Me!” (NAS)  Only God can see all past, present, and future and only God knows what is best.  You may not be able to see your present blessing until the future even though someone else’s blessings are very apparent in the present.  Rest in God.  Stand firm in your faith in Him and you will be able to rejoice for your brother or sister.

August 30, 2008

Take Control

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Call Me Home


I’m so tired of this body

I want to go away.

But every time I ask You, Lord,

You say, “My child, stay.

I still have some work for you,

trust Me all the way.

I will guide the steps you take

each and every day.”


Lord, You mustn’t heed my voice,

it comes from human strife.

Heed my spirit, Lord, instead

and lead me straight ahead.

Keep my eyes upon Your face,

my ears tuned to Your voice.

Use my life to glorify Christ’s

until You call me home.






Prayer:  Father, give me the courage to continue my walk with You.  Give me the trust to allow You to control what touches me.  Help me to focus my attention on You and trust my future to You.


Call Me Home


Scripture reading: Philippians 1:19-26


            Many with long term pain and illness turn their thoughts to suicide.  To commit suicide you are taking control of you own life.  You are telling God He has no right to you.  You are saying you do not trust your Creator.

            When feelings of this nature give rise, it is important to take control in a different way.  Don’t take control of your life — leave that with God.  Take control of your will — God leaves that with you.  Stand on what God says over what your emotions are telling you.

            Don’t condemn yourself for your feelings.  They are very understandable.  Release your feelings to God.  Talk to Him.   Talk to a friend.  As you release these emotions your feelings will change and the reoccurrence of them will gradually become less frequent and less severe.

            We cannot see the future.  Our physical time here on earth is a speck of dust in relation to all eternity.  Only God can see all time and judge what is best.  I know it is hard.  Sometimes you are so very tired of your situation.  Trust others who have been there.  Trust God to see you through it.  Allow Him to touch you through others and through His Spirit.  It takes will and determination to turn your thoughts away from the negative when that’s all you feel but the more you exercise positive thoughts, the more blessed you will be.

            Stay in there brother, sister.  Keep your eyes on God and allow His full control of your life and timing.  When the time is right for you, God, and your loved ones, He will call you home in triumph — not in defeat.

August 29, 2008

Take Control

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Take Control


Sometimes the pain’s so very strong

and lasts so very long,

It makes it hard to see God reigns

and see He’s in control.

But I refuse to yield to doubt

or to the way I feel.

I choose to stand firm on His Word

that I know to be real.


I force my thoughts away from pain

and praise my Father’s name.

Then I pray for those I know

who suffer their own pain.

Broken spirits bodies, souls

can only be made whole

when we bring them to our Lord

and let Him take control





Prayer:  Father, teach me not to be a negative or complaining person.  Help me always see Your hand in everything and everyone.  Help me always give voice to the positive, the good, the lovely. 


Take Control


Scripture reading: Psalms 77


            One Monday I felt I had really had it.  I spent the weekend reaching out in love.  I was walking in obedience in all I knew.  I was tired of trying to walk with a “Mac truck” on my chest.  I was so tired I couldn’t keep my hands from shaking.  It just wasn’t fair.  Surely God could see I could minister more if I felt good than I could fighting this pain.  My anger was leading me well down the road to self-pity.  I didn’t even want to read any of my poems.  I felt bad and it was about time I let everybody know it.

            I knew that kind of attitude would produce nothing but a wedge between God and me and would open the door for Satan to invade my thoughts.  I decided to make the effort to praise myself out of that negative attitude.  I started reminding myself of all that God has done for me.  I expressed my love and thanks to God.  I called one of His other children and encouraged her in her walk instead of complaining about mine.  For a long time every thought and action was forced but gradually my anger and self-pity gave way to peace and joy.  The physical pain was still there.   My hands still shook, but my spirit was full of God’s peace.   In  His peace my body was able to take refuge and relax enough to start to rest in Him.

            With my eyes turned on Jesus and my thoughts dwelling on the positive my body was able to relax and cooperate with my nerves.   This allowed the pain to gradually decrease.  Once again, by my will and God’s grace the enemy was defeated.  God is in control

August 28, 2008


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It is such a special tool

You’ve given us to use,

yet we treat it like a toy

which greatly we abuse.

This is the greatest tool of all

and yet we often stall

and use it only when it seems

we might begin to fall.


To use this tool throughout each day

would bring us such great joy.

It would shed Your light and peace

and show us Your best way.

To use this tool to intercede

for those who’ve gone astray

would free You, Lord, to intervene

and set them on their way.


This tool You’ve given us is prayer,

O God, teach us its use.

Teach us how to pray for needs.

Help us intercede.

Fill us with a big desire

to pray unceasingly,

for as we pray we will become

united one with Thee.





Prayer: Father, teach me to keep my thoughts on You.  Teach me to talk to You about everything and everyone.  Teach me to give You time to talk back to me.  Help me release Your Spirit within me to pray when my mind must be about other things so that all my thoughts will be on Your foundation.



Scripture reading: Matthew 6:6-15


            Have you given yourself  time to learn the “art” of praying unceasingly?  Prayer is communion with God.  Jesus said, “Unless you are converted and become like children, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.”  Matthew 18:3 (NAS).  After you took the step of accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior, did you allow yourself to become a child?

            A small child talks to his parents unceasingly.  He asks about everything   He thinks out loud.  Have you become a little child with your Father?

            Talk to Him all day every day.  If you are alone, talk out loud.  If others are present, talk silently.  Tell Him how you feel, what you think, what you’re doing.  Ask Him what you should do next.  Tell Him about your family, your friends, your concerns.  Be sure you also allow your Father time to talk to you.  He not only wants to tell you what to do, He wants to share His thoughts, feelings and concerns with you.

            Be ready as a small child to be spontaneous in your reactions to the One you love.  Be open in simple trust.  You cannot build a relationship with someone you don’t know.  Allow you Father to show you how well He knows you and loves you.  As He reveals yourself to you,  He will also reveal Himself to you.

            Practice this art of communion with God.  Get serious with Him and allow Him to get serious with you.  You will be joyfully surprised and delighted with the process of your union with God.


Hold Me Fast – Jesus Over Pain

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Hold Me Fast


When the pain begins to reign

and tears begin to flow,

I lift my voice to God Who reigns

and make the praises flow.

When I feel I’m left alone

and start to feel forlorn,

I thank my God for His dear Son

for me He stood alone.


I will not give in to despair

or to my body’s pain,

for I am in my Father’s hands

no matter what the test.

Even when it seems there is

no light upon my path,

I’ll trust my God on through the end

for His love holds me fast.






Prayer:  Father, I know pain serves to get my attention.  After it has my attention, help me learn to look to You for the reason for the pain, the resolution to the pain, and the comfort during the pain.  Thank You that when I graduate into Your Kingdom there will be no more need for pain.


Jesus Over Pain


Scripture reading: Revelations 21:3-7


            My doctor said the best way to combat pain is diversion.  In the past, diversion for me meant cleaning the oven or a closet or cooking for someone in need.  That type of diversion was no longer possible.  Television did not appear to be very useful and often there was too much pain to be able to read.

            Pain is very adept at sending a person into depression and self-pity.  Knowing nothing can touch me without first passing through my Father’s hand, I wanted no part of depression or self-pity.  How was I to avoid their trap?

            As I turned my eyes and ears to my Father, I discovered I do have a choice.  I can listen to my body’s pain and what it says or I can listen to God and what He says.  The decision is easy but the learning process is slow.

            Now when pain tries to demand my attention, I listen instead to the Source of Life.  I praise Him for Who He is.  I thank Jesus for taking my place and experiencing pain far beyond mine.  I thank God for writing my name in His book.  I pray for others that are hurting that they will allow God to become real to them.  I continually remind myself of Paul’s admonition to us in Phillipians 4:8, “Finally brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, let your mind dwell on these things.” (NAS)

            A willing mind combined with the power of God’s written word renders pain to the back seat.  It will keep Jesus on the throne of my life.

August 26, 2008

The Spirit Prays

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The Spirit Prays


I’m so tired and full of pain,

sometimes I can’t pray.

I can’t see the light of day

and don’t know what to say.

But deep within the Spirit prays,

He knows my heart and mind.

As He intercedes for me

He knows just what to say.


As Your Spirit in me prays

I sit in peaceful love.

In the stillness as I rest

I listen for Your voice.

Sometimes You say a word to me,

sometimes You just stay quiet.

But either way I know I’ve been

touched by Your perfect love







Prayer:  Father, fill me daily with Your Holy Spirit.  Help me to allow Your Spirit to work within me.  Help me to realize Your Spirit to pray through me and for me.


When You Can’t Pray


Scripture reading: 8:26-39


            Sometimes, due to your physical condition or other problems, it seems you cannot pray.  What is prayer?  Prayer is communion with God.

            If you have received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, God’s Holy Spirit is within you and continually interceding for you.  When it seems you cannot pray, acknowledge the presence of the Holy Spirit within you.  Let Him pray for you.  Try to realize how much love it took for God to give us His Holy Spirit as a constant intercessor.  Allow Him to be your Comforter as well.  Try to relax and become aware of His Presence.

            If you are able, call a friend and tell them of your need.  People are blessed when they intercede for others.  Many times they get so busy that they forget.  Bless them by asking for their prayers.

            When you are not quite so disturbed practice being aware of God’s Holy Spirit within you.  Remind yourself throughout the day that He is there.  Talk to Him and thank Him for being there.  Thank your Father for sending Him to you.  Thank Jesus for dying so you could receive Him

            The more you become aware of His Presence on your better days, the easier it is to feel His Presence on the other days.  Then you can rest in trust while the Spirit prays.

August 25, 2008

Revealed in Me

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Revealed in Me


All my present sufferings

 are nothing when compared

to what will be revealed in me

when night time turns to day.

Though the night seems endless

and time seems to stand still,

it won’t fill the smallest spot

for only Your time’s real.


Father God, I praise You

as tears stream down my face.

These are mixed with body’s pain

and joy from Your deep peace.

Father, I adore You

and though my body aches,

I raise my hands and bend my knees

to You for You are Great.



Prayer:  Father, help me see Your hand in everything that touches me.  Teach me to be a grateful child and have praise and thanksgiving in my heart and flowing through my mouth.


In Everything Give Thanks


Psalms 105:1-5


            In 1 Thessalonians 5:18 we read, “In everything give thanks, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” (NAS).  How in the world are we supposed to give thanks in pain and suffering?  Read the verse again.  Notice it says IN everything give thanks not FOR everything give thanks.  Notice it also says IN CHRIST JESUS not IN THE WORLD.

            I cannot thank God for my pain and illness or many other major difficulties but there are so many things in spite of those for which I can truly thank Him.  While I’m walking through a difficult situation, I can thank Him that Jesus died for me.  I can thank Him that my name is written in His book.  I can thank Him for His love.  I can thank Him for the eternity I will spend with Him free from tears, pain and sorrow and in total joy.  I can thank Him that no matter how it looks to me, He is in control of all that touches my life.

            The physical world seems all important to me now for that is where I reside.  This world (and its problems) is in reality nothing more than a temporary condition.  I must make God’s priorities my priorities.  It is not easy when so closely involved in the world but through Christ all things are possible if I will.

            As I have practiced giving thanks for God and His love in all situations in which I find myself, I find His joy overrides the situation more and more.  In a spirit of thanksgiving I find that more and more I can turn my thoughts away from my temporary situations and toward my loving Father and His eternal love, joy and peace.

            For everything, I am not truly thankful. In everything I truly rejoice in thanksgiving for the love of God through Christ Jesus.  He left His throne for a time to physically suffer and die on the cross that I might spend all of eternity with Him.


August 23, 2008

Love Can Conquer

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Love Can Conquer It All


When your body is sick and in pain,

love will help you withstand.

When you mind is confused from the strain,

love will bring peace to reign.

When your feelings are dark as can be,

love will bring joy and darkness will flee.

Love brings peace and joy so complete.

Love can conquer it all.


When those around you are sick and I pain,

when they’re confused from the struggle and strain,

when they can’t smile but choke back the tears,

reach out and let love flow through.

Wisdom and knowledge have their right place.

Works of kindness, good deeds have their place

Prophecies can come and ease a dark fear,

but love can conquer it all.


Love is patient and love is kind.

Love is gentle and knows no wrong time.

Words that are spoken will pass with the breeze,

good deeds are tokens and with time will flee.

God’s love within you can fill every need.

Let it flow through you, let it flow free.

All else will vanish when night turns to day,

but love can conquer it all.




Prayer:  Father, grow in me the fruit of love.  Teach me to love You, those You put around me and me.  Show me how to act out Your love as it flows through me.

Love Can Conquer


Scripture reading: 1 Corinthians 13


            What can you do when one you love is struggling with illness.  So many are so quick to share about others with the same problems, or to suggest this cure or that cure.  So many are so quick to say don’t do this or you’d better do that.  Too many times one who is ill is treated as a small child who cannot think for himself.  How do you help without walking on him or making him lose his self respect?  What does one really need during such a time?

            When you are sick you have doctors, relatives, friends and acquaintances telling you what to do or not do.  You most certainly do not need any more advice.  What you really need is someone who will encourage you.  You need someone who will let you express your feelings without trying to find a way to change them.  You need someone who will love you just the way you are; just the way you feel.  You need someone who will realize that through your body may be sick, you are still you with feelings, frustrations, and desires.

            Love this person.  Give him the freedom to talk.  Listen as if you have nothing better to do; nothing you’d rather do.  Share yourself with him.  When he is down, allow him to be down but also remind him of hope.  Do not pity him.  Respond in a gentle yet positive way without being overbearing.  This takes a real sensitivity.  If you haven’t walked there, you don’t really know how you would feel or what you would do.  You may think so, but you don’t really know.  Don’t listen or respond I judgment.  You can accept how someone feels without agreeing with them.

            Love is the purest form of medicine there is.  Study I Corinthians 13 and ask God to help you love in this way.  Love can conquer anything.  Love can conquer it all.

August 22, 2008

Too Busy

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Too Busy


Too busy to call and ask how I am.

Too busy to say they care.

Too busy to let Your love flow through them.

Too busy, though I know they care.


Father, I ask, is that what I do?

Is that how I really treat You?

Too busy, my God, help me never to be

to show You how much I love You.







Prayer:  Father, help me not be so wrapped up in my own “problems” that I become self- centered and forget others.  Teach me to look to You and to reach out to others.

Too Busy


Scripture reading: Philippians 2:1-5


            People who have never struggled with a long-term illness cannot understand the emotions and needs of those who face this struggle.  When you first get sick, people are so quick to help.  They send cards and flowers, call or visit, bring meals and run errands.  As the illness lingers, many people seem to drift away.

            This is one of Satan’s greatest tools to defeat us.  “No one cares.” he says.  “They’re all too busy for you.”  Then you find yourself depressed and full of anger and self-pity.

            This is a time to turn to your Father.  Let yourself realize His presence.  Tell Him of your love for Him and allow Him to love You.  Pray for your friends who are so busy.  Lift their burdens up to the Lord.  Pray that they will remember to take time to love God.  Ask God to love your friends through you.  When you’re able, give them a call and ask what is happening in their life.  Send them a note letting them know you’re thinking of them.  Think about the pressures you’d feel if your roles were reversed.  They don’t forget to come because they don’t love you.  They have many demands on their time.  Some of them may not have a strong enough relationship with God to enable them to cope with your disease.  They are afraid.  They need your love and prayers.

            You have had many adjustments to make in your illness and have probably learned many things.  Pray for and share with others that they might learn from your experience.  You will be blessed and God will be glorified.

August 21, 2008

It’s You Alone

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It’s You Alone


There are times that I must walk

alone – just me and Him.

There are times that I must have

help from my dear friends.

There are times when everyone

can see the way I go

And there are times when no one else

can show me how to go.


I must learn to be in peace

when I must walk alone.

I must learn to feel the same

when friends can lend a hand.

No matter how He bids me walk

I know my way’s secure,

for my way’s held within His hand.

His love for me is pure.


Help me learn to listen, Lord

when to lend a hand,

when to stand apart from those

so they can feel Your hand.

Help me learn it’s You alone

Who knows just what to do

to bring each bud into full bloom

so each can bear pure fruit.




Prayer:  Father, help me to be rid of pride which makes me want to hide from others in our Family.  Help me learn to be real — real to myself, real to You and real to those around me.  Help me be willing not only to reach my hand out to help another but willing to allow another to reach out their hand to help me.


Walking Alone


Scripture reading: Ecclesiastics 4:9-11


            One of the many things that gave me the idea I must walk my inner life alone was the old spiritual “Jesus Walked this Lonesome Valley.”  In it are the words: “He had to walk it by Himself” and the words “You must go and stand your trials, you have to stand them by yourself.”

            Prepositions are funny things.  Our home church group spent two hours on two different nights discussing the meaning of the preposition “in” in a particular verse of scripture.  It is strange how such small words can be so powerful and so disregarded.

            The spiritual I quoted uses the words “by yourself”  Taken by itself you get the quick impression that it means alone — without anyone else involved or helping.  Later in the song it says “nobody else can walk it for you.”  At first glance that would again lead you to think that is all exclusive.  Note, however, nowhere does it say no one else can walk it with you (another preposition).

            Our inner walking would be much easier if we would allow it to progress and be treated just as our physical activity of walking.  When we first begin to walk, someone stands over us holding our hands.  Gradually, as our legs strengthen and our confidence grows, the hands are released — first just a little, then more and more until they are there ready to be grabbed hold of if needed yet not holding when not needed.  As we toddle around on our own, the hands are always there to pick us up and encourage us on our way when we fall.

            When we get older we find that when we are not steady on our legs due to exhausting, sickness or accident, hands are available to help us walk.  The hands may not always be the same but they are there to help.

            Our inner walk could be like that if we let it.  We are the ones that must move our legs and do the walking but it need not be unsupported.  God will provide you with the ability to move your legs.  He will often provide hands to assist you to various degrees at various times.

            Yes, we must walk it by ourselves but not alone.  Open up your hands to God and to the hands He chooses to send your way.

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