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September 9, 2008

All I Possess

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All that I Possess


All he had to offer Him

were five loaves and two fish.

But he gave Him all he had

to do with as He wished.

From that small amount he had

the multitude was fed.

He gave Him all he possessed

and Jesus did the rest.


All the widow had to bring

were two small copper coins.

That was the last of all she had

and yet she made the choice,

to give God all she possessed

in reverence and in love.

As Jesus watched He told the rest

she’d be greatly blessed.


Lord, I give myself to You,

my will and me desire,

my spirit, body and my soul

and all that I possess.

Take me Lord and fashion me

any way You  please.

Lord, I give myself to You

to do with as You please.




Prayer:  Father, help me to understand the meaning of the word “surrender.”  Help me be willing to surrender control of my life to You.  Help me learn to walk in an attitude of surrender to You.


What’s in a Word


Scripture reading: 1 Samuel 11:10


            A friend stopped by to visit and spoke of how today’s world has taken over our words.  When we were both young the word “gay’ described a feeling of being carefree and happy.  Now that word has been taken over to have quite a different connotation.

            Then he shared with me what the Lord showed him about the word “surrender.”  In biblical times combat was mostly hand to hand — usually within an arm’s length of your opponent.  When one wanted to surrender he gave his opponent his sword, fell on his knees at his opponent’s feet, bowed his head and bared the nape of his neck.  He completely surrendered to his opponent’s will.  The opponent could release him, take him captive, or cut off his head with his own sword.

            This set me to thinking about my “surrender” to God.  God is not my opponent.  He created me.  He sent His Son to die in my place.  Have I really bared the nape of my neck to Him?  Have I turned over all that is mine (my sword) — all that could be used to protect or advance me to God?  What about my illness?  Have I allowed Him the right, the freedom to work in, on, and through me at His own pleasure?

            These are questions each one of us must ask in our prayer closet.  I want to encourage you to make this surrender because God is for you.  He has already won the battle.  It only makes sense to surrender to a loving, just victor rather than be taken by a vengeful defeated foe.

September 8, 2008


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Hidden Beauty


When I look upon the flowers

growing in the fields,

I think of all the wild flowers

hidden from man’s view.

Their fragrance is so delicate,

their beauty is untold.

It seems a waste, some men would say,

that they are not in view.


God created all this earth

for His pleasure to behold.

So it seems right to me

fhat there should always be

places of secret beauty

untouched by human hands,

to offer up themselves to God

without the praise of man.


Deep within this soul of mine

is a secret place,

where only God my Father sees

what is taking place.

This is God’s private garden

where He alone can see

the buds He’s nurtured with his love,

unfold and grow so sweet.


Keep a place within your heart

for you and God alone,

as the beauty grows in His love,

the fragrance will overflow.



Prayer:  Father, help me get back in touch with imagination as a little child.  Teach me to use the imagination You have given me to draw apart with You.  Thank You for creating imagination as a healthful place of rest.



Scripture reading: Psalms 13


            Imagination, like most of our faculties, can be a blessing or a curse.  If we allow our imagination to have free reign, we can open the door to many major problems.  Left unchecked to the extreme imagination can eventually take us out of the world of reality until we are no longer able to relate to the world and people around us.  It can even bring us under the realm of Satan.  Imagination brought on by “what if’s” can bring unnecessary fear.

            Sometimes medication you are taking can play havoc with your mind.  Talk to your doctor when this happens.  Each drug affects individual in different ways.  There is almost always a substitute.

            Physical pain can reach a point of using our imagination and leading us into fears that keep us from rest and breed more fears.  We can become so afraid of our imagination that we totally block it. 

            God created us — every part of us.  Therefore He created our ability to imagine.  How can our imagination be controlled and yet flow in healthful ways?

            We must be willing to release our imagination to God’s control.  Under His control, God can use our imagination in dreams and visions to clarify His word.  Through it He can open our creativity.  When we find our imagination flowing in ways that do not agree with God’s word, we have the ability to stop it by setting our mind on other things.  The problem usually stems from our unwillingness to stop it.

            As we learn to identify when our imagination starts to go astray and practice stopping it, we will also learn to release more and more of it to God’s creative purpose.

            For those whose imagination is out of control, get help from a friend or counselor.  God promises that through Him all things are possible.  This includes His ability to restore our imagination to flow in His healthful creative process.

September 7, 2008

Scar Tissue

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Living Spring


Father, you did plant in me

deep within my soul,

a living spring of water

You did make to flow.

But weeds and leaves from long ago

blocked the water’s flow,

and it did stagnate in my heart.

It did cease to flow.


Now, my Lord, I praise You so,

to me You’ve clearly shown

It’s Your hand that’s weeding deep

to start the water’s flow.

Lord, the weeds and leaves of past

that grew so long ago,

keep pulling, Lord, though it hurts deep

and make Your spring flow.


I am Your child oh Lord my God,

that I really know.

You love me more than I know

Your love fills my soul.

Teach me, Lord, to love You more,

to worship and adore.

Loose my tongue to give You praise

my God forevermore.




Prayer: Father, give me courage to look at my hurts and bring them to You for Your touch.  Continue to mold me and make me into Your vessel for Your purpose.


Scar Tissue


Scripture reading: Jeremiah 18:1-4


            Life is full of many things that hurt our inner selves and leave scars.  Scars  are not so bad but when the hurt doesn’t heal properly scar tissue can form.  Scar tissue can interfere with the normal, healthy body processes.  When this happens, surgery is needed to remove this scar tissue.

             Because emotional hurts are unpleasant and painful, we tend to avoid them by pushing them down to our unconscious level.  This has the opposite effect to what we intend.  Although they may lay seemingly dormant for years, they are building up unhealthy scar tissue.  Many times this is seen outwardly by emotions and actions we don’t understand.  It can be seen in a sick body or in a nervous disorder.  When happenes, major surgery is needed.  There is only one surgeon qualified for this kind of surgery.  His name is Jesus.  He alone understands our hurt and pain.  He knows just where the incision is needed and how much should be cut away.  He may use the hand of a trained counselor or a friend.  The process might seem painful but the result brings pure health and peace.

            How can we avoid developing scar tissue?  We must be willing to look at each hurt or disappointment when it comes.  We must ask God to show us why it hurts and what to do about it.  There are many writings on forgiveness.  Forgiveness is definitely a major portion of the healing process but it is not the entire portion.  Allow God to show you every aspect of the hurt.  Allow Him to reach deep into your innermost being and bring healing.  Allow Him to renew your mind in the situation.  The choice is yours.  You can choose to be hurt, depressed, resentful, or proud, or you can choose to allow God to do His work.

September 6, 2008


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Strength in Faith


Strong and courageous was the game

that I had to play,

to keep the walls up I had made

to hide my hurt and pain.

Always placid, never sad

nor anger dared I show,

for I was in control of all

that I would let God show.


Deep my sorrow, great the pain

that welled up in my soul.

Striving hard and wearing thin

to keep from loosing hold.

Trusting You was hard to do

but will to trust I did.

Now I wait as You take hold

and heal my grieving soul.


Strength in faith not in my power,

courage to walk free.

Where I am weak You can be strong.

Your strength shall set me free.

Set Your Spirit free in me,

let Him take control.

Let the world see how I’m free

that they might turn to Thee.





Prayer:  Father, it seems I keep releasing myself to You and then I take back control.  Help me learn to trust You in all things.  Help me learn to walk in Your love and in the principles You have given us in Your written Word.



Scripture reading: Psalms 103


            The Lord gave me a definite word.  He said that He already healed me and even though it was not manifested in my physical body, I was to walk in that healing, still submitting to my doctor.  Instead of asking Him what He meant by “walk in that healing” my stubborn intellect and strong sense of independence were convinced I knew.  I was determined to force my physical body to walk out what I had decided God said to do.  Others close to me witnessed to what God said but we did not discuss the meaning.  After a few weeks of this my body rebelled at my attempts to control it.  Forced to stop and listen I heard the word “release.”

            How could I release all my struggle and still “walk in healing”?  Knowing God does not conflict Himself, I knew the apparent conflict must be in my interpretation of the words.  First I looked at the word “release.”  Release means to let go.  Of what was I to let go?  I was to let go of my forcible control of my physical body.  My intellect was beginning to agree with my body that this made sense.

            Had I, perhaps, misinterpreted “walk in healing”?  I could almost hear God say, “Bingo,” as I asked that question.  God created my body and does not want me to mistreat it.  Demanding more than it can withstand is mistreating it.  When God said “walk in healing,” He was speaking of inner walking.  I was to walk in health with my attitude.  I must accept my physical limitations.  I must release my expectations of what I can do to God.   I must walk in health.  I must walk in an attitude of trust and praise for my loving Father Who has all creation (even me) under His control.

            Regardless of our situations, we must all release ourselves to our Creator.  Then we can walk in His Perfect Health..

September 5, 2008

Rejoice – Terminal

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Father God, I rejoice

for my names’ in Your book.

Jesus Lord, I praise You so

from me my sin You took.

Holy Spirit, I thank You

as You work in me.

I will never by without You

through eternity.






Prayer: Father, thank You that You control time and are in control of my life.  Thank You that life on this earth is temporal but my life with You is eternal. 







Scripture reading: Ecclesiastics 3:1-8


            Webster defines terminal as “adj. relating to the end of something.”  The moment we are born we are headed toward the end of something.  The process of death to the physical body is an ongoing process.  Every one of us is terminal in the physical state of life as we know it.  God numbered our days and only God knows each number.  The physical aspect of life is very insecure as to our own personal control of it.  You cannot be involved in life and still protect yourself from natural and man made hazards.

            With this in mind, why is it such an emotional blow when a doctor diagnoses a condition as terminal?  It need not be a curse; it could be a real blessing.  Most of us are so caught up in the artificial busyness of life that we allow our priorities to get out of order.  Perhaps we never even established our priorities.  News of this kind can be used to help us reestablish those priorities.  If you have not made peace with life and peace with death, that needs to be a priority.  The only way to have this peace is through Jesus Christ.  Asking Him to be Lord of your life will bring peace far passing all understanding.

            The doctor cannot number your days; disease cannot number your days.  Only God has such power and authority.  Learn to turn you back on fear and will to trust God.  Then you will be free to enjoy each person, moment and event God sends your way.  Physical pain will try to convince us that this is impossible but God promises us an abundant life.  That is a promise of quality not physical duration.  We should all live as if each moment might be our last yet as if we will remain here for a long time.  Allow God to reveal what this means and you will find no conflict.

            Death is an unknown experience for the living and it is natural to fear the unknown.    already walked through the experience.  It vanishes with the knowledge that Jesus walks with you – not only to the end of the line, but right through it to the Reality of Life that has no end.  With a friend like Jesus, there is no longer a need of fear.  Life is just the same as before the doctor said those words.  The only difference is now your blindfold is removed.


September 3, 2008


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Here I am away from home

in a place so cold.

Though noise and bustle’s all around

I feel I’m quite alone.

I’ve been here many times

and should feel quite at home,

I feel it’s such a cold harsh place

and long to be at home.


Then I think how Jesus felt,

for me He left His home.

Yet He made self-pity flee

though He so missed His home.

I set my thought and eyes on God,

I am in His care.

He made His home in me

His love’s forever there.


Prayer: Father, help me to be content where ever You would have me.  Help me learn to use the time You give me in the way You would have me use it.



Scripture reading:  Lamentations 3:19-26


            At first I was flattered when I walked into admissions and one of the girls greeted me by name before I had even signed in.  Then I realized that her recognition was based on the frequency of my admissions.

            A hospital can be a very depressing place.  It tends to strip you of all personal identity.  Many workers treat you as a non-intellectual being.  You lay in bed at the mercy of their overly busy schedule.  Your most private needs are subject to public display over the intercom system.  When taken for a test outside the room you are stared at by other staff and the general public.  How do you keep all this from sending you into self-pity and depression, especially when you’re apart from those you love and who love you?

            Reading through the Scriptures, I find the various saints facing adversity with a determination to make the best of it.  How were they able to do this when things looked so black and unfair?  The first thing they did was set their will above their emotions.  They were every bit as emotional as are we, yet they chose to believe and trust in their Creator regardless of how they felt or how things looked.  How were they able to carry through on this decision?  They carried on by being obedient to God’s word and praising Him and looking to Him in ALL things.  They were not thankful to God for their situation but were thankful to God IN their situation.  They were thankful that nothing can touch one of God’s children without it first passing through His hand.  They were thankful that He is in TOTAL control of their lives and can see all time, past, present and future, and will indeed work everything for their own good.  Most of all they were thankful that their name is written in His book and that nothing can separate them from His love.  Because of their realization of Who God is and what He does, they were able to truly praise Him in all things.  At first the praise was nothing more than verbal obedience but gradually their praise affected their emotions until they were totally enveloped in their praises to God.  It was in this atmosphere of praise that prison doors opened for Paul. 

            This atmosphere of praise can also free you from your prison.  As long as the spirit, mind, and emotions are in prison the physical body cannot really be free.  Use the times in the hospital (or at home) when you feel totally alone and neglected to begin your obedience to God.  Set your will to follow through in obedience regardless of how you feel or what you see.  Don’t give up when nothing seems to happen.  Are you praising Him for what you will get out of it or because you know Who God is and that He is always worthy of praise?  If you have trouble with your motivation, ask God to make you willing.  You know He  said to do this.   You know He desires for you to be willing.  Therefore you can know that if you ask anything according to His will, He hears you and you shall have the request you desire of Him.

September 2, 2008

Still Me

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Still Me


My body may be sick my friend.

My body is not me.

I’m still a person of great worth,

I still live and breathe.

I still like to be involved

with others I know.

I still like to know ‘what’s up”

although I cannot go.


Friend, don’t be afraid of me

for I am still just me.

Come and talk and laugh with me,

free me to be me.

Tell me all the things you’d say

to anyone you know,

for I am mostly just the same

as anyone you know.






Prayer:  Father, open me to Your love.  Grow within me the fruits of that love.  Teach me to allow Your love to flow out through me to others.  Teach me to receive Your love flowing out of others into me.



How to be a Friend


Scripture reading: Matthew 25:34-40


            Do you have a friend who is physically sick?  Are you afraid to see her, to talk to her?  You want to help but you don’t know what to do or say?

            The physical body is not really the person.  The body may be sick but the person is still the same person.  He still has likes and dislikes, he still likes to talk about the same things.  The worst thing you can do for your friend is to treat him differently.  Those who are sick and put all their attention on their bodies need your help and encouragement in putting their attention on something else.  Most of us are tired of the subject.  We get enough from our doctor and families.  We want to be ourselves.  That doesn’t mean you can’t ask us how we feel.  Just don’t dwell on it.  Don’t avoid it either for then we think you’re afraid of us and your fear can transfer to us.

            We may not be able to do things with you as we did before, but don’t be afraid to tell us what your doing.  That might be the only way we can be involved in your life.  Don’t be afraid of disturbing our rest.  Ask what times are good for calls or visits.  When you are real busy you’d give anything for some time to yourself, but when you are mostly with yourself, you can dry up.  God created us for fellowship — with Him and with each other.  Too much isolation can breed a fear of fellowship and a desire for more isolation.

            There are practical things that we need done for us and they are important, but the greatest gift you can give us is your love in actual time spent with us.  Martha showed love to Jesus by working but Mary showed love by choosing to put work aside and sitting with Him.  Both forms of expression have their place.  For love to be complete both forms must be expressed.  Ask your friend.  Better yet, ask God.  He knows best which expression of love is needed most at what time.

September 1, 2008

In Bed Again

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In Bed Again


Here I am in bed again,

O will this never end?

Why is it this pain intrudes?

It always seems to win.

It seems I’m left all by myself

and black is all I see.

Then I find self pity flees

when I lift my eyes to Thee.


God, I thank You that You care,

Your love sets me free.

It matters not what I must bear

for I am in Your care.

I know one day You’ll heal me, Lord.

You’ve promised that to me.

So while I wait I’ll praise You, God,

for You alone are great.






Prayer:  Father, keep Jesus fresh in my heart and mind.  Help me learn to be continually aware of His presence within me through His Holy Spirit.  Help me enjoy the wonder of Your Gift to me


In Bed Again


Scripture reading: James 1:2-12


            Here I am stuck in bed again.  It seems no amount of determination can force my body to respond.  What can I do with the time?  I try to read but my head hurts too much to understand the words.   For the same reason I cannot catch up on paper work or letters.   How do I keep my mind on positive thoughts?  How do I stay away from self-pity and depression?  Sleep would be a good escape but pain keeps it from coming.  I try to pray but the words won’t come.  Finally I turn on the radio to a local Christian station.  They are playing songs of praise.  As I listen to these songs, I relax and gradually come to rest in the praises.  The dark cloud begins to vanish as I realize what I am able to do is of no importance compared to my relationship with my Father.  Nothing can separate me from His love.  I am His child.  Nothing outside of me can interfere with our communion.  I do not have to be able to form words to commune with Him.  I only need to be aware of His presence.  Through that awareness, He is able to speak to me.  I lay in bed knowing His loving touch.  His peace envelopes me and His soothing words bring rest.  As my spirit comes into rest, my emotions and body gradually follow.  I no longer need an escape.   I no longer want sleep for I would rather enjoy the awareness of His presence.  He tells me He will be with me even when I sleep.  Gradually I allow the needed sleep to come.  When I awake, my body is rested and better able to resist the intruder that would bring more distruction and pain.

            God is so wonderful.  He loves each one of us as if we were His only child.  He gave His only Son so that we could be united through Jesus into His family.  Reach out and invite Jesus into your heart.  Allow God to bring healing to your spirit, mind, and body.  Through His Son, He is able to reach out and touch you.  All you need to do is say, yes.  God will do the rest.



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