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November 30, 2008

Another Way

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Another Way


Lord, sometimes its hard to think

Of yet another way

To tell You how much I love You

And praise Your Holy Name.

And yet I know as I’m a mom

How much it means to me

Every time my children say,

I love you, Mom, to me.

So I just pause again to say

I  love You, Lord, my God

I thank You for allowing me

To praise You Holy Name.


Today is Sunday, the Lord’s day.  How do we spend this day?  When is the last time we told our Lord how much we love Him.  Just that He gives us the right and the ability to praise and love Him is awesome.  Love does not come from us.  Love comes from God into us and we must remember to pass that love back to Him as well as spread it around to those around us.  Let us be sure we take a good amount of tome on all our Sundays (and all other days) to praise and tell the Lord we love Him and to share His love with others.

November 29, 2008

Thank You

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Thank You


Thank You, Lord for loving me

And letting me be free

To worship You and praise Your name

All day continually.

Help my every thought be pure

My word be words of praise.

Let everything I say and do

Bring a smile to Your face.


As we go through our day let us be conscious of the words we say.  Are they words we want our God to hear?   Are they words that will bring a smile to His face?  If we are stuck in traffic, are we complaining and fussing or do we take the opportunity of the delay to praise our God?  If we are delayed in a long line because the cashier is slow do we mutter and complain or pray for those around us and end our time with the cashier with “Have a nice day and God bless you”?  How do we respond to a fussy child or an irritated husband?  Let us think on these things and ask God to help our words (and our thoughts) bring a smile to His face.

November 28, 2008

The Weather

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The Weather


I praise You, Lord for the sun

It’s light, it’s warmth,

The way it makes plants reach toward heaven.

I praise You also for the rain,

It cools, refreshes

And clears away the grime.

I praise You for Your son

And the gift of life He gave,

For the Holy Spirit’s filling

Let it be my sun and rain.

Continually cleansing and refreshing

Giving light and warmth

And causing me to stretch my hands,

My mind, my eyes, my heart

All the way to heaven’s gate

From morning and through dark.


As we approach the season of Advent, at time of preparation to receive our Lord and King, it is time to check our conversation.  Our conversation shows where our hearts and minds are.  Is our topic mostly on the weather?  How about gossip?  How about food?  Advent is a good time to develop the habit of keeping Jesus first in our converstions, hearts and mind.  It takes practice to learn how to bring Him into a conversation with a friend, neighbor or family member.  We can start with a “God bless you” as we leave a cash register.  We can pause and pray for someone’s need right at the time they make us aware of it.  The book, beside God’s Word, the Bible, which has had the most influence on my life is “Practicing the Presence” by Brother Laurence.  I strongly recommend it.  It is usually available at most Christian book stores.  Joine me in practicing the presence of God with us.

November 27, 2008


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Today is Thanksgiving.  After you have eaten more than you should, take some time to thank God for all your blessings.  Thank Him for the freedom you have to worship HIm,  Thank Him for the ones who are fighting a war no one wanted in Iraq and Afganastan and for their families.  Pray for protection for our soldiers in combat.  Pray for wisdom for the leaders in our government.  Pray for the persecuted Christians all over the world and thank God for your not being one of the persecuted ones.  There is so much to be thankful for.  Have a happy Thanksgiving.

November 26, 2008


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Every morning when I wake

Let it always be

The first word out of my lips

Good morning, Lord, from me.

I love You, Lord, I praise Your name.

Through out this day let me

Bring blessing, hone, glory, Lord

To You, my God, my King.


This is a very hard habit to make but, oh, so very worth the effort.  What a better way to start your day and set it on the right course.  Not only should the Lord be the first thought in our minds each day, He should also be the last thought in our minds as we drift off to sleep.  Work on developing this habit.  The first few weeks it might be noon or even later before you think of Him.  Don’t feel bad.  Just ask Him to help you remember Him earlier.  Gradually you will remember Him as you wake up and find your day full of the joy of the Lord, our God.

November 25, 2008

Abba, Father

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Abba, Father, how I love You

For sending Your own Son.

Abba, Father, how I love You

Through Him You make us one.

Abba, Father, how much I thank You

Your spirit sets me free

Free to worship and to praise

You through out eternity.


Let this be your prayer today.  If you have accepted Jesus, God in flesh who died for all sins,  as your personal savior and Lord of your life, you have direct access to God, the Creator, the Father of all creation.  Be sure you don’t get so busy preparing for the holidays that you forget to spend time communing with God.

November 24, 2008

It’s You Alone

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It’s You Alone


There are times I must walk

Alone – just me and Him.

There are times I must have

Help from my dear friends.

There are times when everyone

Can see the way I go

And there are times when no one else

Can show me how to go.


I must learn to be in peace

When I must walk alone.

I must learn to feel the same

When friends can lend a hand.

No matter how He bids me walk

I know my way’s secure

For my way’s held within His hand

His love for me is Pure


Help me learn to listen, Lord

When to lend a hand

And when to stand apart from those

So they can feel Your hand.

Help me learn it’s You alone

Who know just what to do

To bring each bud into full bloom

So each can bear pure fruit.




Scripture reading: Ecclesiastics 4:9-11


            One of the many things that gave me the idea I must walk my inner life alone was the old spiritual “Jesus Walked this Lonesome Valley.”  It has these words: “He had to walk it by Himself” and the words “You must go and stand your trials, you have to stand them by yourself.”

            Prepositions are funny things.  Our home church group spent two hours on two different nights discussing the meaning of the preposition “in” in a particular verse of scripture.  It is strange how such small words can be so powerful and so disregarded.

            The spiritual I quoted keeps using the words “by yourself”  Taken by itself you get the quick impression that it means alone — without anyone else involved or helping.  Later in the song it says, “nobody else can walk it for you.”  At first glance that would again lead you to think it is exclusive.  Note, however, nowhere does it say no one else can walk it with you (another preposition).

            Our inner walking would be much easier if we would allow it to progress and be treated just as our physical activity of walking.  When we first begin to walk, someone stands over us holding our hands.  Gradually our legs strengthen and our confidence grows.  The hands are released — first just a little, then more and more. They are there ready to be grabbed hold of if needed yet not holding when not needed.  As we toddle around on our own, the hands are always there to pick us up and encourage us on our way when we fall.

            When we get older we find that when we are not steady on our legs due to exhausting, sickness or accident, hands are available to help us walk.  The hands may not always be the same but they are there to help.

            Our inner walk could be like that if we let it.  We are the ones who must move our legs and do the walking but it need not be unsupported.  God will provide you with the ability to move your legs.  He will often provide hands to assist you to various degrees at various times.

            Yes, we must walk it by ourselves but not alone.  Open up your hands to God and to the hands He chooses to send your way.


Prayer:  Father, help me be rid of pride that makes me want to hide from others in our Family.  Help me learn to be real — real to myself, real to You and real to those around me.  Help me be willing not only to reach my hand out to help another but to be willing to allow another reach out their hand to help me.

November 23, 2008


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It is such a special tool

You’ve given us to use,

Yet we treat it like a toy

Which greatly we abuse.

This is the greatest tool of all

And yet we often stall

And use it only when it seems

We might begin to fall.


To use this tool throughout each day

Would bring us such great joy.

It would shed Your light and peace

And show us Your best way.

To use this tool to intercede

For those who’ve gone astray

Would free You, Lord, to intervene

And set them on their way.


This tool You’ve given us is prayer.

O God, teach us its use.

Teach us how to pray for needs.

Help us intercede.

Fill us with a big desire

To pray unceasingly

As we pray we will become

United one with Thee.




Scripture reading: Matthew 6:6-15


            Have you given yourself time to learn the “art” of praying unceasingly?  Prayer is communion with God.  Jesus said, “Unless you are converted and become like children, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.”  Matthew 18:3 (NAS).  After you took the step of accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior, did you allow yourself to become a child?

            A small child talks to his parents unceasingly.  He asks about everything.   He thinks out loud.  He even says everything he is going to do even though he may already know it is right.  Have you become a little child with your Father?

            Talk to Him all day every day.  If you are alone, talk out loud.  If others are present, talk silently.  Tell Him how you feel, what you think, what you’re doing.  Ask Him what you should do next.  Tell Him about your family, your friends, and your concerns.  Be sure you also allow your Father time to talk to you.  He not only wants to tell you what to do, He wants to share His thoughts, feelings and concerns with you.

            Be ready as a small child to be spontaneous in your reactions to the One you love.  Be open in simple trust.  You cannot build a relationship with someone you don’t know.  Allow you Father to show you how well He knows you and loves you.  As He reveals yourself to you He will also reveal Himself to you.

            Practice this art of communion with God.  Get serious with Him and allow Him to get serious with you.  You will be joyfully surprised and delighted with the process of your union with God.


Prayer: Father, teach me to keep my thoughts on You.  Teach me to talk to You about everything and everyone.  Teach me to give You time to talk to me.  Help me release Your Spirit within me to pray when my mind must be about other things so all my thoughts will be on Your foundation.

November 22, 2008


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Father God, I cry to You,

Help me look only to You.

Forgive me for my deep despair,

Free me from all worldly care.

Keep my eyes turned to Your Light,

Help me not Your hand to fight.

 Cleanse me from my darkest sin,

Let Your Sprit flow within.

Free me from my fears and woes.

Let Your Peace come fill my soul.

Unless You live within my life,

There’s no purpose for this life.

Teach me how to love you more

To worship You and praise You, Lord.



Scripture reading:  Psalms 42


            I laid down to rest asking God what was going on.  I had a vision.  There was a gigantic battle.  There were two armies.   One army was in black with rugged swords and hideous faces.  The faces were filled with more hate than I thought existed.  The other army was in white like a radiant light without swords.  Deafening noises came from the dark army but the white was silent.  I noticed that as a dark one would penetrate a white one with his sword the dark one would disintegrate.  I was in the midst of this battle.  Several times during the next day this vision came back.  Each time I saw more people I knew in the midst of the battle with me.

            I contemplated the seriousness and intensity of the battle.  A word came to me on the importance of standing firm and wearing God’s armor.  Much has been written and spoken on the parts of God’s armor but I have never found it easy to keep His armor on me when in the heat of battle. It seemed neither my strongest discipline nor my firmest will were strong enough to keep me in His armor.

            God spoke to me about how much He desired me to be in the midst of Him.  He desired me so much that He was willing to leave His throne, put on the sinful nature of man, and suffer beyond my finite comprehension.  He told me how He longed for me to desire for Him to be in my midst.  I came to see we do not really understand the meaning of the word “desire.”  We live in a materialistic world.  Our needs have been so bountifully met.  We never lack anything long enough to experience a real desire.  Like most of the words in our language we overuse the word “desire” and minimize its meaning.

            “How,” I asked God, “do I obtain this desire for You as You have for me?”   I meditated on God’s desire for me.   I looked through the Bible at instances such as Abraham’s desire for God over the life of his long promised son.  Where did the saints of old get such an intense desire — a desire so intense as to enable them to go the full distance?

            I really wanted this desire.  I knew I could not get it on my own.  How could I get it?  How do I get anything I want?  I must pray for it.  Once I allow God to show me the need for this desire, I will want it enough to seek after Him to implant it in me.  I asked Him to find the most fertile spot within me to plant His seed of desire.   I want it to take strong root and grow.  I found things that seemed important were loosing their hold.  This type of desire will really cause me to seek after the kingdom of God and His righteousness.  The cost no longer matters.  I know my goal and desire it with my whole being.

            God earnestly desires me to desire Him.  I cannot desire Him in that way unless He puts the desire within me.   He will not put the desire within me unless I earnestly desire for Him to do so.  Does it sound like a confused play on words?  Yes, to the world it does.  If you hear God calling you, you will want to respond.  He will open the door to your understanding.  He will enable you to begin an adventure far beyond your wildest imaginations.

            I am excited God desires me so much.   He is growing within me that same kind of desire for Him.  I encourage you to step out and see, taste and drink of Him. You will never be the same again.


Prayer:  Father, thank You for loving me so very much.  Thank You for desiring fellowship with me.  Quicken within me the same desire for You and for fellowship with You.  Draw my mind toward You throughout the day.  Teach me to talk to You and to listen to You.

November 21, 2008

Horse and Rider

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Show Me


I can’t do it, God, I know

I must wait for You to show.

Show me how to live Your way

Every moment of each day.

Change my doubting thoughts to faith.

Let my stature show Your grace.

Fill my mouth with words of peace.

Use my hands to bring relief.

Let Your love flow out through me

To every person that I see.

Keep my eyes upon Your face

So all will see You in my face.

Keep my motives ever pure

And my feet to walk secure.

By myself this can’t be done,

With Jesus in me, victory’s won.


 Scripture reading: Psalms 139


            As I sat on the porch watching my daughter introduce her horse and her boyfriend to each other I became fascinated.  At first horse and new rider were both very nervous — neither knowing what to expect from the other.  Gradually an understanding grew between them.  The horse learned that the new rider was his master.  The new rider learned how best to communicate his desires in a way that the horse could understand and respond.  As they came to know one another they were able to flow in graceful unity.

            God showed me that, in a way, I was a horse and He the rider.  At first communication is very difficult.  As I allow God to reveal more and more of Himself to me, I start to hear more easily.  I began to understand better.   I began to respond quicker.  As I come to know Him better He is able to release the bit in my mouth more often.  Someday He will be able to remove the bit.   The day will come when we will be one and be able to flow in unity.  That will be a glorious day.   I will thank Him for the process of bit and bridle to bring me to that day.


Prayer:  Father, help me know You more and trust You to guide my ways.  Teach me to respond to your gentle nudging that we may flow as one.

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