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January 4, 2009

Children Watching

Mat 19:14

But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.




It was the pianist turn to play for the communion time so I moved over to a chair.  The chair was right inside the communion rail.  As I looked down the rail, I saw a line of children’s faces.  What a glorious sight to see the rail full of children.  As I watched I observed the smaller children watching the older ones to see what they did.  Then they copied the older ones.  That made me think.  I wonder how many people watch what I do and if they decide to imitate it.  That is a big responsibility.  Am I staying connected to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?  Am I allowing His grace, Light, love and power to shine through me.  Is what I do reflective of what Jesus would do?  Several years ago may pieces of jewelry had the letters “WWJD” engraved on them.  The initials stood for “What would Jesus do?”  It is so important to be sure our actions and words agree with what Jesus would do.  We never know who might be watching us.  I do know our Father, God is always watching and even sees what is on the inside of each of us.


I write the devotion for the next morning on the night before.  I did that last night, but, apparently it decided to go to that never-land place out somewhere in cyberspace.  I even did a search and it was not found.  Sunday mornings are my bussiest time: getting ready for church, getting music together, getting husband up, dogs out, etc.  Because of this I make muffins on Saturday night for our Sunday AM breakfast.  One thing I am always sure to do.  After I am dressed and done all my morning chores, including clipping the devotion into the blog site, I take a few moments to quiet down before my Lord; I thank Him for the day and ask Him to give me wisdom on how He wants His day, the Lord’s Day, used.  I ask Him to quiet my spirit and refresh me that His Light will shine out through me and His words through my mouth.  I ask Him to make me sensitive to the unspoken needs of those I meet in the day.

How do you use Sunday, the Lord’s day?  Pray about it and feel sure to share your comments here.  Have a wonderful Lord’s Day.

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