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April 24, 2010

All Works for Good


Ro 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called  according to his purpose.

 Really?  All thingswork for good?  How can this be.  There are deaths, accidents, murders, suicide, wars, natural disasters, illnesses, all matter of enotional, physical, financial and spiritual hurts.  How can any of these things that hurt us so much possible wlrk out for our good.  Have we really been called according to His purpose?

 Yes, all His of mankind have been called according to His purpose.  We have been call to fellowship with God.  To love Him and to be loved by Him.  We are called to walk with Him and let Him walk with us.  We are called to glorify Him and bring glory to Him.  But, how can we do this when our heart is breaking?

 It may mot look like God iw working good for us in a situation but we can be so filled with hurt, pain, anger, mistrust, etc. that our eyes are blinded from allowing us to see the good evolving.  Sometimes we are trying to go it alone when we really need prayer partners and other supporting people around us.  The Psalms are full of prayers from a heart of grief or fear but they end in a decision to trust God Who has always been and will always be faithful and true to His Word.  Our responsibility is to choose to trust Him and allow the healing to take place as we watch the good evolve.  As Job said, “Though He may slay me, I will trust Him.”  Let us choose to trust and let the good come, not only for us to see and feel but as a witness to God’s glory, love and power.

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