Ginrich's Devotional Blog

October 31, 2010

When Loved Ones Are in Crisis

Ro 12:12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer

When loved ones are facing a crisis, it is hard on those who love them.  Feeling helpless is difficult.  It creates emotional pain and guilt.  We want to do something to ease their worry and/or pain but just don’t know what we can do.  We want to solve their problems.  We don’t know how they really feel, physically or emotionally because we cannot feel what others feel.  We can only imagine.  That makes it even harder for us.  What can we do for our loved ones facing critical problems?  We can be there.  We can learn when to be quiet, when to ask questions and when to give aid.  We can encourage them to share how they feel but not push them to share.  We can understand when they get angry but not get angry back.  When it gets to stressful for us we can share our stress with someone not involved.  Most important, we can get down on our knees and talk to God.  Sometimes it’s hard for those in crisis to pray for themselves.  We can fill the gap.  I’ve been on both sides.  I know how comforting knowing and feeling the prayers of others are.  I know the fears of watching and not being able to solve the problems.  I know walking through the crisis: the initial anger, the initial fear and moving into trust and peace as we feel the prayers of others.  I also know the need to keep our lives as “normal” as they have been.  We always have more than one thing going on in our lives.  To concentrate on just the one thing, like an illness or other problem, and ignore all the rest of our interest is not beneficial.  We need to encourage each other to continue on as best we can through whatever crisis we face and allow God His timing on seeing us through our crisis.  He is faithful.  He is all knowing.  He can do it in spite of us.


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