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November 30, 2010


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Mt 6:13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.


When we ask God not to lead us into temptation we are not saying it is God Who tempts us.  We re asking God for His power to keep By praying these words we’re asking God to keep us from returning to our sinful ways.  Over our lives we develop sinful habits.  Habits are hard to break.  We are asking God to help us break those sinful habits.  Sinful habits put us into the hands of Satan – the evil one.  To be delivered from the snares of Satan we need God’s help in breaking the habit patterns that lead us to sin.  We are living in a world that is evil.  We are surrounded by evil.  We have watered down the meaning of the word “evil.”  Evil is anything that separates us from God.  Anything that is no done, said or thought in the perfect love of God is evil.  By this definition we can see how evil we are and how much we need God’s help to save us, not only from the evil one, but from ourselves as well.


November 29, 2010


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Mt 6:12 Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors

Both of these phrases must be taken together.  They are connected by a very small but also very big word.  “As” holds the key to these two phrases.  We are asking God to forgive us in the same way we forgive others.  That is a tall order.  So often we like to hold grudges.  So often we like to remind people of things they have done to us.  Yet, when God forgives us He never brings it back up to us.  He says our forgiven sins are as far as east is from the west.  East and west never meet.  How do we forgive those who have hurt us?  Only with the help of God and His love are we able to do this.  We must call on God’s Holy Spirit to fill us with love and compassion for others.  We must recognize that we are capable of doing just as much wrong as another.  We must learn to love God’s way – unconditionally.  To do this we must recognize our own sinful nature and humbly confess before God.  Even the smallest amount of unforgiveness in us will hamper our relation with God.


November 28, 2010

Daily Bread

Mt 6:11 Give us today our daily bread.

After we have come before the throne of God  in respect and reverence we can ask for our physical needs.  Our physical bodies have specific needs to be a healthy temple for God’s Spirit.  But our daily bread incompases more than the bread we eat to appease our physical hunger.  We also need to eat of God’s Word, our spiritual bread.  Without eating daily of the spiritual bread of God our spirits become week and sin will follow.  Let us be sure we eat of all the bread God gives us.  Let us eat with joy and thanksgiving all that God allows to come our way.


November 27, 2010

As In Heaven

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Mt 6:10 on earth as it is in heaven


Where do we want God’s will done?  We want it done here on earth.  We want it done just as it is done in heaven.  For that to be accomplished, we must want His will done within us.  We must be willing to walk through trials and tribulations to grow in faith and to recognize sins that separate us from God.  We must be willing to turn our back on our sinful habits and grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ through Bible study and prayer.  No one speaks lies in heaven – even “white” lies.  We must always speak truth in love.  There are no tears in heaven.  Are we guilty of causing tears in someone on earth?  Love reigns in heaven.  Are we open to learn how to love those who are very different from us?  We say we want heaven on earth.  The question is, are we willing to be changed into God’s image of love?


November 26, 2010

God’s Will

Mt 6:10 your will be done


When we repeat the words, “Your will be done” we are replacing our desires and wants for His.  We find God’s will contained in His written Word.  If we are not into the Bible, we don’t know God’s will.  Bible study is the bedrock of prayer.  We can’t ask in faith when we don’t know what we’re asking.  This is why I pray scriptures.  I know I am praying in God’s will when I pray according to what is recorded in the Bible.   Praying the words, “your will be done” then running off and doing our “own thing” is praying a lie.  If we are going to pray for God’s will to be done we must be sure our actions agree with our words and our words spoken out of prayer time agree with our words spoken in prayer time.  Join me in the prayer, “Father, mold my will into agreement with Your will.”


November 25, 2010

Your Kingdom Come

Mt 6:10 your kingdoms come

Kingdom is defined as “a sovereign state instituting a monarchy, or having a monarch as its head.”  We are asking for God to bring about His sovereign state.  This state is a country ruled solely by God.  There are no votes.  Rule is not by the majority.  It is God alone Who rules in the kingdom of heaven and we are asking Him to rule in our kingdom of earth.  Whey we pray this phrase we must ask ourselves if we really want to live under and by God’s rules.  His rules are contained in the written Word, the Holy Bible.  How many of these rules do we follow?  We could start with the first rule: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul with all your strength.”  My daily prayer is for God to increase my love for Him.  Yes, God may Your kingdom come.


November 24, 2010


Mt 6:9, hallowed be your name,



Two definitions are given for the word “hallowed.”

1. Sanctified; consecrated: a hallowed cemetery.

2. Highly venerated; sacrosanct: our hallowed war heroes.


God’s name is sanctified; it is consecrated as holy.  This means it s set aside as special.  It is not a name to be tossed about lightly.  It is not a name to be used to express an emotion of anger or any thing else other than reverence.  When we say, “hallowed be your name,” we are saying His name is highly regarded; it is a name set apart from any other name.  We are acknowledging the highest esteem to the holiness, the perfect ness of God.  Let us be sure we only use His name in a sanctified, highly venerated way.  As God is holy, His very name is holy.


November 23, 2010

In Heaven

Mt. 6:9  in heaven.

“In heaven” is a place.  There has been a lot of debate over the existence of heaven.  This is proof enough.  Jesus said God the Father is in heaven.  At the same time, even though heaven is a place, we have a direct line of communication with the Father in heaven.  In a way it is like the Internet.  I have readers from China, India and other places in the world.  They are very real places.  Yet, through the Internet, I can communicate with them.  Prayer is our Internet communication with God the Father.  Through prayer we can communicate with Him.  Just as on the Internet, I must wait for a reply, in prayer we must wait for God to reply to us.  How many of us miss hearing God because we say our prayers and rush on to business rather than taking time to be quiet and listen to God’s response.  Practice the art of listening.  I find it most helpful to write what comes into my mind after a time of prayer.  It always surprises me what I write.  Take time to listen today.


November 22, 2010

Our Father

Mt 6:9  Our Father


The first word of the example prayer Jesus taught His disciples, and us, is “Our.””  He could very easily have said “My” but he didn’t.  He used a plural pronoun.  He used “our”.  We are so centered on ourselves and or needs and wants we tend to forget we are part of a family.  No one of us has any more right to approach God the Father than another.  When we pray “Our” we are uniting with other children of God.  When we pray “Our” we are recognizing God has love and concern for all His children.  When we pray “Our” we are recognizing our needs and wants must be coordinated with the needs and wants of God’s other children.  He also used the word “Father” in addressing God.  He is giving us permission to call God, the Creator, Father.  What a wonderful blessing that is.  We are only God’s children by adoption through the cross of Jesus.  Before that, we were only His creation.  It is the “second birth,” the birth of our spirits through accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior that we become children of God.  Christians are the only ones with the right to call God “Father.”  What a privilege to approach the throne of Almighty God and be allowed to call Him, Father.


November 21, 2010

When You Pray

Mt 6:9 “This, then, is how you should pray


Jesus said these words in response to His disciples asking Him how they should pray.  Evidently, by the example of Jesus, they realized they should be praying.  So should we.  Many people say they don’t know how to pray; they don’t know what to say or how to say it.  Jesus tells us how.  The next several devotions will expound on the example Jesus gives us.  Besides telling us we should pray, this prayer also shows us how to approach God the Father.  We have become very informal in our life style and in the way we speak to others.  We tend to forget just Who God is.  I pray you stay with this devotion for the next several days and contemplate your prayer life.  Prayer is the greatest privilege God gives us.  It is also the strongest tool at our disposal for equipping us with the ability to live a life pleasing to God.  Let us take time to pray.


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