Ginrich's Devotional Blog

November 24, 2010


Mt 6:9, hallowed be your name,



Two definitions are given for the word “hallowed.”

1. Sanctified; consecrated: a hallowed cemetery.

2. Highly venerated; sacrosanct: our hallowed war heroes.


God’s name is sanctified; it is consecrated as holy.  This means it s set aside as special.  It is not a name to be tossed about lightly.  It is not a name to be used to express an emotion of anger or any thing else other than reverence.  When we say, “hallowed be your name,” we are saying His name is highly regarded; it is a name set apart from any other name.  We are acknowledging the highest esteem to the holiness, the perfect ness of God.  Let us be sure we only use His name in a sanctified, highly venerated way.  As God is holy, His very name is holy.


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