Ginrich's Devotional Blog

November 26, 2010

God’s Will

Mt 6:10 your will be done


When we repeat the words, “Your will be done” we are replacing our desires and wants for His.  We find God’s will contained in His written Word.  If we are not into the Bible, we don’t know God’s will.  Bible study is the bedrock of prayer.  We can’t ask in faith when we don’t know what we’re asking.  This is why I pray scriptures.  I know I am praying in God’s will when I pray according to what is recorded in the Bible.   Praying the words, “your will be done” then running off and doing our “own thing” is praying a lie.  If we are going to pray for God’s will to be done we must be sure our actions agree with our words and our words spoken out of prayer time agree with our words spoken in prayer time.  Join me in the prayer, “Father, mold my will into agreement with Your will.”


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