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January 23, 2011

Another Year

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Ex 15:26b for I am the LORD, who heals you.”

Today is my birthday.  It is a miraculous day because I had stage 4-breast cancer 14 years ago.  Going through a serious illness and coming out in health changes one’s attitude to life.  There is not a morning I don’t wake up and thank God for another day with my family, another day on this earth and another opportunity to allow Him to flow His love, peace and light through me.  There are days I forget as I get into the day and I block God’s work through me with my own selfish desires.  At night, as I lay on my bed, I ask God to show me where I left Him in the day and ask forgiveness.  It is so important to confess daily.  When we confess, God is quick to forgive.  We have no guarantee as to where we will wake up the next morning; it might be in our own beds or it might be standing before the throne of God.  When I stand there I want to see Him smile and say, “Well done my child.”  I still have a lot of cleaning out selfish desires and a lot more of allowing the fruits of God’s Spirit to grow in me before that will happen.  But today, I say, “Thank You, God, for another birthday.”

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