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February 23, 2011

Hiding from God

Ge 3:9 But the LORD God called to the man, “Where are you?”,

Adam and Eve knew they were guilty of disobeying God and were hiding from Him.  Before we pass judgment on them, we must look at ourselves.  There are many ways we try to hide from God.  We rationalize our disobedience in many ways: it’s not really important, it’s only a white lie, we are too busy to study the Bible, we don’t have enough money to be a giver, we’re too tired to join with other believers in worship, etc. and etc.  All these “excuses” are just that.  They are excuses that cause us to hide from God.  We may be afraid to study His Word to us because we think it will require action from us.  We may be afraid if we obey His Word we will be too different from others.  We hide behind our excuses.  We hide behind our quick prayers by a lack of willingness to pause and listen to God’s response to our prayers.  We must take time to search ourselves and see where we are hiding from God.  We really deceive ourselves because God knows where we are and how we are.  When we hide from God we are really hiding truth from ourselves.  Let’s quit hiding and ask God to reveal the areas in us that need to come into His light.


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