Ginrich's Devotional Blog

April 4, 2011

Inside and Out

Jn 13:9 “Then, Lord,” Simon Peter replied, “not just my feet but my hands and my head as well!”

We spoke in church about Jesus humbling Himself as a servant and washing the disciples feet.  Foot washing is no longer needed.  It was needed them because they wore sandals or nothing on the dusty roads and they reclined, not sat, at the table.  That means their feet were very close to the next person eating.  There are two major points on this being recorded in Scripture.  Jesus humbled Himself as a servant.  It was not beneath Him to get below others and do menial chores.  The foot-washing chore was usually done by a servant of the house – never by the guest of honor.  So often we find ourselves not wanting to do something that “is beneath us”.  There is actually not one thing done for the benefit of another that is beneath us.  There is as much glory in taking out the garbage at church or anywhere else, if don for the glory of God, as being the featured speaker or guest of honor.  The other point is the need to be washed by Jesus.  Peter summed it up when he asked to be washed everywhere.  We are in need to be washed inside as well as outside – in the things we thing as well as the things we say.  How does Jesus wash us today?  We confess our need to Him.  We determine to turn our back on the dirt and walk in the Fruits of His Holy Spirit.  We immerse ourselves in His written word.  Lent is fast approaching an end.  Time to develop a new habit or rid ourselves of an old one is ebbing (though we can work on this throughout the years).  Let’s check out our progress and determine to walk further with our Lord.


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