Ginrich's Devotional Blog

April 5, 2011

Listen to God

Jn 10:27 My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.

We taught a prayer study group about writing their prayers down.  Then we had them be quiet for a little and then write down what they heard.  Many of them heard God for the first time.  They were delightfully surprised.  It is very helpful to write our prayers from time to time.  Then we must be silent, still ourselves in the Presence of God and be willing to listen to Him.  He wants to talk to us but so often we get busy or distracted and fail to take the time to hear what He wants to say to us.  It is important to write what we hear after praying.  Don’t try to “dress it up” or alter it.  Write only what flows into our minds.  Then, go back and read it and we will discover God has spoken to us.  It sometimes takes a good bit of practice before we readily recognize God’s voice.  He has promised, if we are His sheep and if we listen, we will know His voice.  When we don’t hear it, it is because we are not listening, we have active un-confessed sin between us or we have failed to do what He last told us.  I encourage you to start writing some of your prayers and don’t forget to take time to listen and write what you hear.  For me, anything God says is important to write down so I can review it and meditate on it.  If I trust my memory I find distractions make it fade away quickly.


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