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April 8, 2011

The Lord’s Prayer 2

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Mt 6:9 “This, then, is how you should pray: “ ‘Our Father, Who art in heaven,

The next phrase in the prayer Jesus told us to pray is “Who art in heaven,” In our language the word “who” is only used in reference to real beings.  God, our Father, is very real.  The next word “art” is the old English form of “is”.  It is a present tense word.  God is right now, in the minute.  He always was and always will be but what’s really important to us is He is right now.  Where is He?  In heaven.  He cannot be in heaven if heaven isn’t a real place.  We can only inhabit real places.  Jesus told us about heaven.  He said there are many mansions in heaven.  Heaven must be big enough for each one of us since it is big enough for many mansions.  There is a joke that went around about gold pay phones in various cathedrals around the world.  The phones had signs over them for different amounts of money for a direct line to heaven.  We have a direct line to heaven.  The words, “Our Father” are the only 2 words we need (as long as we have been brought into God’s family through Jesus.)  Heaven is God’s physical location but we do have our own personal hot line to Him.  Saying the words “Who art (or is) in heaven” acknowledges God’s position.  Heaven is the highest of creation and God is the Highest of all.  Some modern translations have “Our Father in heaven”  This says the same thing but with a few more words.  Today, think about your Father, God and His Son, your Lord, Jesus being in heaven.  Jesus said He’s preparing a place for each one of us.  That certainly puts a spring in my step as I walk through the trials of the day.  Today I contemplate on, “Our Father, Who art in heaven.”


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