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March 4, 2012


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Luke 10:37 The expert in the law replied, “The one who had mercy on him.” Jesus told him, “Go and do likewise.” (The Holy Bible, New International Version)

Jesus taught through parables. Defined in “ Wikipedia”, “a parable is a succinct story, in prose or verse, which illustrates one or more instructive principles, or lessons, or (sometimes) a normative principle. It differs from a fable in that fables use animals, plants, inanimate objects, and forces of nature as characters, while parables generally feature human characters. It is a type of analogy” Jesus used this method to help our finite, carnal minds understand the spiritual things of God. This quote is from the parable of “The Good Samaritan.” You’re probably familiar with it. Jesus is stressing the imprtance of mercy. God had mercy on us. That’s why He sent Jesus to walk this earth and sacrifice for us. We tend to prefer to judge and condemn others. We deserve God’s condemnation yet He continues to love us, forgive us and encourage us to walk with Him. How can we, as sinners, do less for God’s other humans whom He loves and forgives. As we see people who are different or act different from us let us remember but for God’s grace, we could be in the same difficulty as they are or act even more odd than they are. We have not walked in anyone else’s shoes. We are not to judge but to have mercy for others. To have mercy we must be willing to reach out and lend a helpful, loving hand. If we will only be sensitive to God’s gentle proddings through His Holy Spirit within us, we will know who and when and how to reach out to help. Let us be sensitive to Him today. Let’s reach out to someone in love and encouragement.

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