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March 11, 2012

Six Woes

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Luke 11: 37-54 Six Woes spoken by Jesus.

As Jesus takes His final walk toward Jerusalem He is concerned with our hearts. We tend to be concerned with how we look on the outside and how others perceive us. We pay attention to big things and tend to pass of things we consider small. God is more concerned about what is inside of us. He doesn’t want us to neglect any part of His Word. It is good to read and meditate on the six woes recorded in these verses. As we meditate on them we must be hones with ourselves. We like to think we are thinking and doing all we should but we are good at deceiving ourselves. Self-honesty is hard. When we put our faith in God and are assured of His love and His power we can dare to be honest with ourselves. God already knows. We must come to the place of knowing what is and isn’t in us so we can receive the power from God. Let us slow down today and spend some time meditating on these verses and listening to God’s Holy Spirit as He shows us our lack. It is His Spirit that will fill us so our hearts, minds and actions will be in accord with God.

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