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July 31, 2012

One Flesh

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Mark 10:8 and the two will become one flesh. a So they are no longer two, but one flesh.

Today is our 48th wedding anniveresary.  It amazes us how God makes His plans come about.  We were both raised going to church but neither of us understood the Lordship of Jesus nor that God does  not have grandchildren.   Our first ten years were very stormy.  We were taught divorce was never an option so we each decided a bad relationship was our “lot” in life.  Just before our 10th anniversary I was introduced to Jesus as my Lord and Savior and my husband followed a few days later.  Before this we thought we would just raise our children and grow old. Life has been a wonderful adventure ever since.  We took a fantastic marriage course created and taught by some good friends of ours.  Later we used their course and taught other couples.  The only way two can become one flesh is if Jesus is the head of the marriage.  If you have already been through a divorce you can experience God’s forgiveness and healing when you ask Him.  If you are in a shaky relattionshp, turn it over to God.  If we can’t learn to be as one with our mates how can we learn to be one with God.  I thank Him for the endurance of my husband and thank my husband for a fantastic adventure with Him and with God.

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