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August 14, 2012


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Psalms 55:21  His words are as smooth as butter, but he harbors animosity in his heart. 
His words seem softer than oil, but they are really like sharp swords. 

How often do we “grin and bear” something we feel we must do?  Going through the motions of serving God or serving others is empty in God’s sight.  God looks on our attitude.  He looks on what is in our heart, what we are really thinking.  Holding a door for someone and wishing at the same time they would hurry up so you can get on with your own plans is not the heart attitude God honors.  We can obey for the sake of obedience and serve for the sake of service.  We can obey from fear of consequences and serve for fear of what others might think of us.  These attitudes do not please or honor God.  He wants us to obey and serve Him and others through love for Him and His creation.  All other attitudes are as filthy rags.  We cannot serve enough or obey enough to overcome an attutide without love.  Our question is are we willing to admit apart from God’s Holy Spirit dwelling in our hearts and minds we cannot possibly have the right attitude?  Let us humble ourselves in the site of man and God and ask for a right attitude to grow in our hearts and minds.  In all we do we shoudl do as unto God with love and thanksgiving.

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