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August 26, 2012

Panic Button

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Joshua 1:9 I repeat, a be strong and brave! Dont be afraid and dont panic, for I, the Lord your God, am with you in all you do.” 

My friend and neighbor has a panic button she wares around her neck.  I got a phone call from the emergency service saying paramedics were on there way as she did not answer her phone after pushing the panic button.  I grabbed her key and searched her house.  It was empty.  I looked in the garage and the car was there but the golf cart wasn’t.  I heard her cell phone ring and found and answered it.  It was her son from another state; they had called him also.  The ambulance arrived and I said she wasn’t here, we would drive around the neighborhood looking for her golf cart.  As we were about to leave she drove up in her golf cart.  She had no idea what had happened. The panic button is not supposed to have a range outside of the house and she was a couple blocks away. She didn’t know she had pressed it.  God has given us a panic button to push anytime we need Him.  It is formally called prayer.  There are many types of prayer.  We have our morning and/or evening devotions of prayer time.  We have our intercessory prayers for governments and peple.  We have our prayers of worship and praise.  Most of these prayer times are planned.  But what about sudden needs?  Our first rersponce should be to cry out to God.  Even before we are aware we need help God’s Holy Spirit within us knows and is already crying out to God for wisdom, comfort, deliverence or whatever else we need.  There is no need for us to ever panic as God moves faster than our own emotions and minds can move.  He is here before our needs, will see us through our needs and will have glory after our needs.  Our question is will we choose to listen to His Holy Spirit within us to guide us through any situation or will we choose to look for another type of panic button?  

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