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August 29, 2012

Our Whole Hearts

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Isaiah 12:5 Sing to the Lord, for he has done magnificent things,
let this be known a throughout the earth!

In my younger days I was a professional singer.  In my sinful nature I was proud of my voice.  I was in a really big church and enjoying 1000 people singing praises to God and heard Him say within me, “Who has the most glorious praise music for Me?”  Smugly I answered, “Me, Lord.”  Next to me was a tall, lanky man who was unable to sing or clalp in any known rhythm or on any known key.  This man was unaware of anyone around him.  He was fully tuned in to praising and worshiping God.  To God that man was the most glorious singer.  Ouch.  As I looked at that man I started understanding.  God wants our love and praises from our hearts, not from our training or our minds.  When we praise Him, He wants it to be with all of our being.  It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of our voices, tunes, rhythms, dancing or anything.  What matters is are we emersing ourselves into praises of, to and for God.  Even an old church hymn can be sung in an attitude of totaly abandonment to the worship and praise of God.  Our question is, when we sing in church, even if we can’t “carry a tune in a bucket” are we really concentrating on God or on what others think of us?  Let us choose to sing with our whole hearts, even if we can only speak the words.  Let’s make sure God hears regardless who might be around.

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