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October 1, 2012


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Ephesians 2:8  For by grace you are saved through faith, and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God; 

We are taught from a very early age that we must work for what we get and that anything worthwhile is worth working hard for.  These statements are right in the worldly, physical realm but in the spiritual realm they are not.  In the spiritual realm these statements and beliefs make things very hard.  We cannot work up faith.  Faith is a gift of fruit of the Holy Spirit given to us through the grace of God.  I t’s not a mind over matter issue but a belief issue.  Since faith is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, like all fruits, it can grow.  Fruits need water and food to grow. Our fruit of faith gets it’s food through the written Word of God, the Holy Bible.  The more we read, study and meditate on it the more food for our faith.  Faith gets its water through the Holy Spirit through our prayers and meditations.  We make growing in faith so hard and stressful by expecting it to be perfect.  Fruit is not perfect.  It shows the blemishes of the storms and insects that would attack it.  But when the fruit has a careful farmer it is protected from total destruction from the attackers.  We have a perfect farmer,  God, Who is looking over us.  He allows insects and storms but uses them to make our fruit of faith stronger and more able to withstand.  Our question is will we allow God to do His work?  Will we welcome all the experiences He brings our way while allowing our fruit of faith to grow through the food of God’s written word and watered by meditation and prayer with His Holy Spirit?  

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