Ginrich's Devotional Blog

October 3, 2012

Not Religion

John 16:27  For the Father himself loves you, because you have loved me and have believed that I came from God. 

There is a big difference between Christianity and religion.  Religion is man trying to reach up to a god, trying to earn his or her way to an after life.  Christianity is God reaching down in love to mankind, to offer mankind eternal life.  It cannot be earned because mankind is incapable of being good enough or doing enough to earn eternal life with God.  It is only possible through the grace and love of God through the death and resurrection of His only Son, Jesus Christ.  This is something our finite minds cannot really understand.  It is hard to accept  there is something we cannot earn or deserve by our own actions.  It is something religions try hard to achieve but never can.  God reckons us forgiven and considers us children rather than created creatures because His Son, Jesus, died for us and our relationship with Jesus brings us by adoption into God’s family with all the privileges of Jesus.  Our question is do we want all the privileges of Jesus?  These privileges include the privilege of obedience to the Father.  Look at how Jesus passed God’s love to all He met.  Look how He shared God’s plan of salvation.  Look at how he drew apart with the Father to talk with Him – not talk at Him.  We need to put more of ourselves into following the example of Jesus than religions spend trying to earn their way.  They do it from fear of not making it.  We do it for the love of Jesus, though our love is incomplete and imperfect, it is a fruit God fillls us with His Holly Spirit that can grow as it is exercised.

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