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October 15, 2012


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Proverbs 3:5  Trust a in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding.

There are times in our walk with God He tries to show or tell us of what is about to be.  Many times we don’t want to see or hear it.  We’re like Scarlet O’Hare in “Gone With the Wind” when we say I think about that tomorrow and we hope it goes away before tomorrow comes.  The real issue is our trust level in God.  We are emotional beings and our emotions are slower in the walk than our spirits and intellects.  We have the knowledge God is in control, is always with us, never allows more than we can bear but our emotions aren’t always in agreement.  When God shows us an upcoming trial it’s usually a place our emotions don’t want to go so we do all we can to turn away from it.  We are unaware He will give us all we need to face the trial as it comes along.  This is true even when the trial is involving a loved one.  What trials involve loved ones involve all those around them.  We don’t want to see one we love go through a hard time.  We aren’t sure of our own trust level in God for our loved one.  We fail to remember He loves them even more than we do.  We fail to remember He gives us each what we need at the time we need it.  Our question is how do we get our emotions to agree with the trust and faith we have in our God?  We quit concentrating on the why of the trial and start to open our heart to God and the how we are to walk the trial.  We open our hearts and minds through prayer and strengthen our faith through meditation on God’s written Word, the Holy Bible.  We allow other believers to help and to encourage us.  I’ve not only grown much and learned much in my own trials, I have also grown and learned as I walked with someone else in their own trials.  James was very right when He wrote for us to consider it joy when trials come our way, whether it is to walk them ourselves or walk with someone else.  They all bring us into a closer relationship with the One true living God.  We can welcome what we see or hear coming our way or the way of a loved one with full confidence that God is sufficient to supply all our needs.

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