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October 16, 2012


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Galatians 5:9  A little yeast makes the whole batch of dough rise! 

Sometimes we think, “Just this one time won’t hurt.”  We buy a boat and are too busy on Saturday to put it in the water.  Just one time on Sunday won’t hurt.  Before long we find we are in the water every Sunday.  Maybe it’s what we call a “white lie.”  This one little like won’t matter.  Before long we have to tell another lie to cover up the first lie.  Temptations, given a chance, soon become habits.  God cautions us about what we consider “little things”.  Just as yeast will blow up a ball of dough, giving in to a little things we know is not pleasing to God grows into multiple little things and soon big things.  We need to be on our guard.  At the end of each day it is good to take some time with God and ask Him to show us any “little things” we’ve allowed to slip into us.  I like to call it spiritual breathing.  We exhale the things we did during the day through confession to God and we inhale His forgiveness and refilling of His Holy Spirit.  Nothing is more refreshing than a big breath of fresh air.  

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