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November 7, 2012


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Psalms 42:1-2. As a deer a longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God! I thirst for God, for the living God.  

Have you ever been so thirsty for water that you would do anything to get some?  When we’re that thirsty we find it hard to talk.  Our mouths are dry and without saliva.  We find it hard to think about anything other than the water we desire and so desperately need.  This is how the Psalmist felt about God.  He knew He could not survive without God.  He knew God was at least as much-needed as water if not more so.  That is one reason God has given us the tool of prayer.  It is a tool through which we actively reach out to Him.  It is a tool which opens our hearts and minds and eyes to hear, feel and see Him.  We don’t see the water after we take it into our selves but we do feel the benefits of it; we do see how it hydrates our skin; we do experience how it returns saliva to our mouthes and enables us to talk.  Our question is how dry must we become before we seek our God, the living God, the creator of all that is or will every be?  Prayer is not so much for asking for things we think we need.  Prayer is for fellowship with God, for having a 2-way conversation with Him by seeking Him and allowing ourselves to experience Him throughout our being.  He already knows our needs and has promised to give us all we need.  We need to realize our biggest need is fellowship with the One Who made us.  This fellowship is only possible through His Son, Jesus Christ, Who willingly left His Father and came to earth to show us God’s love and desire to fellowship with us and then died on the cross to restore that fellowship.  Matthew 6:33 says to seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness (Jesus) and all else will be given to us.  Will we seek Him first?  Do we desire Him above all else?

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