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November 19, 2012


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Ephesians 3:12 in whom we have boldness and confident access to God because of Christ’s faithfulness. 

It is awesome that we are allowed to give boldness to approach God.  When we consider who God is and compare it to who we are it is really beyond comprehension that  He would allow us to speak to Him, let alone ask Him for anything.  It is because of His love  for  us and His sending His Word, Jesus, His only Son to come to earth in the form of us sinful beings.  Jesus showed us how to walk without sin, died for total and permanent payment for our sins and rose to return to heaven to show us we, through Him could also rise from human death to live with God through all eternity.  That, by itself is more than wonderful.  Yet God doesn’t stop there.  He allows us to come before Him with our praises and requests with complete boldness – that is complete confidence that through Jesus we have full right to approach God.  Our question is are we making use of the right Jesus has given us?  Let us as come with praises and petitions before God’s throne of grace throughout all our days.

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