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November 20, 2012

Worthy of Praise

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Psalms 145:3. The Lord is great and certainly worthy of praise!  No one can fathom his greatness! 

The Lord is great and certainly worthy of praise.  We do not see any conditions for praising God here.  It does not say because God has blessed us.  It doesn’t say because He answers our prayers.  It doesn’t say because we think God is good.  God is to be praised because He is greater than we can every imagine.  It is God Who spoke everything into being.  God has always been and will always be.  There is no way for us to really understand this.  What we are to do is praise God.  In the first verse of this psalm it says to praise Him continually.  Our question is what comes out of our mouthes the most?  Is it praise or complaints?  I used to hear what came out of my mouth and how it came out by listening to  our young daughters talking to and for their dolls.  This can be very revealing.  Most of us would be really shocked if we could listen to a play back at the end of the day of everything we’ve said during that day.  And that doesn’t even include what we keep in our thoughts and manage not to say out loud.  Let us make the habit of praising God instead of complaining to or about anyone or anything.  God is more than worthy of our praises.

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