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November 21, 2012

Where Are You

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Genesis 3:9  But the Lord God called to the man and said to him, “Where are you?”

God still asks the same question of each of us.  “Where are we?”  God created us to have fellowship with Him.  He walked in the Garden of Eden to be with Adam and Eve.  They disobeyed Him and tried to hide from Him.  God sent Jesus to walk this earth to re-establish our fellowship with God.  We still try to hide from God.  We hide through our lies, our deceit, our pretence to be what we are not.  We hid in our failure to admit our failures.  We hid through work, through business, through efforts to look like more than we are.  In our hiding we only deceive ourselves and maybe some of those around us.  God sees us as we really are.  In spite of seeing us this way He still loves us.  He already knew what Adam and Eve did before He took His walk in the garden.  He wanted them to realize what they did.  He wanted genuine confession.  Instead of confession each one pointed blame somewhere else.  We are good at finding excuses or naming others as reasons for our failures.  God wants us to take responsibility for our own lack of fellowship with Him.  He sent Jesus to show us this.  Jesus stretched out His arms on the cross to take us into Him.  Our question is where are we with God and with ourselves?  As we prepare to celebrate the upcoming holidays let us also celebrate truthfulness with ourselves and with God.  We have nothing to lose by being trruthful as God already knows the truth and we have everything to gain.  Let us each ask God’s Holy Spirit to reveal our disobedience in thought, word and deed every day and start each day new with God in continual restored fellowship through His Son, Jesus, Christ.

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