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December 28, 2012


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Isaiah 40:29. He gives strength to those who are tired; to the ones who lack power, he gives renewed energy.

After the excitement, business and celebration of Christmas many are tired.  Energy comes from excitement anticipation.  After what we’ve been waiting and looking forward to the excitement and anticipation fade away.  Sometimes we feel we can go no more.  Nut God says He gives us strength and power.  he renews our energy.  He accomplishes this as we look to Him.  We still can be excited with anticipation as we look forward to the second coming of God’s Son, Jesus.  We become energized when we open ourselves to His love and out of love serve Him.  When we feel let down He will lift us up.  When we feel discouraged He will encourage us through His Word.  Our question is do we warn to look to Him for our renewal of excitement and energy?  He wants to continually work within us.  He promises us He will renew is every morning.  Let us determine to choose to look to Him every morning for His love and power and energy to face whatever He allows to come our way that day.

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