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December 29, 2012


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Revelation 3:20. Listen! I am standing at the door and knocking! If anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come into his home and share a meal with him, and he with me.

God gives us space.  He stands outside of the door of our hearts and knocks.  The door has no knob on the outside.  He will not force it open.  He waits patiently for us to let Him in.  Where are we?  We might be in the playroom trying to live with constant entertainment.  We have so much noise around us we can’t hear Him knock.  We might be in the back office concentrating on how we can become monetarily rich.  We might be in the kitchen trying to make food substitute for our hurts or loneliness.  We might be in the bathroom trying to make ourselves clean.  None of these places will fill the hurts or loneliness nor can we ever clean ourselves up enough to stand in the presence of God.  The only way we can unlock the door to the presence of God is taking the key of Jesus Christ, God’s Word and only Son Who came as a humble baby, experienced all we must experience on this earth, stretched out His arms on a cross to take our filth away in forgiveness and rose from death to give us eternal life with God.  That life starts the moment we accept the Key and open the door of our hearts, minds and lives.  Our question is will we accept the Key to forgiveness and eternal life with God?  There is no other way.  I pray you don’t let the new year start without God inside your door

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