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December 31, 2012

Showing and Teaching

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Psalms 25:9. May he show the humble what is right!  May he teach the humble his way!

God will show us what is right and will teach us His way but there is a condition we must make.  We must be humble.  Pride is against seeing from another’s perspective.  Pride is against learning another’s ways.  A prideful person only values their own outlook and knowledge.  We must be humble to see and learn what God would show and teach us.  We cannot choose the methods He chooses us to see or learn.  God may choose to use an illiterate person to teach a PhD holder something.  He might use someone we don’t know or relate with to show us something He wants us to see.  Our question is do we choose to be open to any means or person God chooses to show us something or to teach us more of His way?  

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