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January 17, 2013


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Proverbs 9:9. Give instruction to a wise person, and he will become wiser still;teach a righteous person and he will add to his learning.

How many times have you thought, said or heard, “I sure didn’t get anything out of that.”  When we are open to God’s Holy Spirit we can be continually learning.  Maybe we don’t like the way a sermon is being presented but God can teach us something through anyone or anything.  It is our prejudice, judgement and attitude that blocks us.  The psalmist had it right when he said, (Psalms 25:4-5)
Make me understand your ways, O Lord! Teach me your paths!  Guide me into your truth and teach me.  For you are the God who delivers me;on you I rely all day long.  Our question is do we choose to be teachable or arrogant to want to decide how and who or what can teach us.  Let us make these verses our prayer.

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