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January 31, 2013


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John 17:16. They do not belong to the world just as I do not belong to the world. 

Everyone needs and wants to belong to something.  We want something or some group to confirm our identity.  When we introduce ourselves to others or are introduced by others our names are usually immediately followed by our professions or some other identifying title.  In the 17th chapter of John we are  privileged to read a prayer of Jesus.  He knows we need a feeling of belonging and prays we can find that feeling not with a sinful world but with God.  One way we can help our need of belonging is through a local church where God is worshiped and Jesus is acknowledged as His only Son and the way to God.  When we try to stand alone our need for belonging becomes     open  to all types of competition.     What others see us as belonging to confirms to them who we are.  Our question is do our associations with groups confirm our identity in Christ?

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