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February 9, 2013


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Psalms 100:3. Acknowledge that the Lord is God!  He made us and we belong to him; we are his people, the sheep of his pasture.

Everyone wants to belong to someone or some thing.  It might be a group, an idea, a passion, another person or just n assurance that we are our own.  But God made us to belong to Him.  Until we accept this we will constantly be seeking to fill the void God created in us that can only be filled by God.   In 
John 8:47 we read,”The one who belongs to God listens and responds to Gods words. You don’t listen and respond, because you don’t belong to God.”   We all belong to God but it is not complete until we accept Jesus, the Word of God and His Son made flesh, into our hearts, minds and lives.  It is only through Jesus that our belonging is complete and fulfilled.  When we accept Jesus we are given His Holy Spirit Who will equip us with all we need to hear God and respond.  Our question is do we choose to acknowledge we belong to God or choose to struggle for an incomplete identity.  So often w identify ourselves with what we belong to or what we do.  Let’s say, “I’m (our name) and I belong to God.”   It is God Who made us and all that is. 

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