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February 12, 2013

Always Watching

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Psalms 33:13.  The Lord watches from heaven; he sees all people. 

Some drive looking into the rear view mirror and if they don’t see a patrol car they speed.  Some look to see if no one is looking and secretly eat when they’re not really hungry.  We fear “big brother” watching because “big brother” watches to catch us dong what we shouldn’t.  Someone is always watching but He’s watching to see the good we do and to keep us from him.  Our watcher is God.  William Shakespeare said life is a stage.  Life is not a stage which determines our actions by who and how many are watching.  Life is a gift given us by God to be used to fellowship with Him, love Him, worship Him and obey Him.  Thia life will never end if we have come into His family through Jesus, his Son.  Our question is who do we choose to live for, a temporary stage or eternal God?

God’s Son

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Psalms 2:7. The king says, “I will announce the Lords decree. He said to me: You are my son! This very day I have become your father!

God is King and foretold He would send His Son. When John the Baptizer baptized Jesus He confirmed Jesus is God’s Son. Many heard a voice from heaven also confirm this as recorded in Matthew 3:17. ‘”And a voice from heaven said, “This is my one dear Son; in him I take great delight.” The question today is Who do we say Jesus is? If we agree He is the Son of God do we give Him the respect, reverence and obedience He deserves? Do we honor Him I with our words, thoughts and actions? Advent is a time of reparation for God’s coming. Let us prepare our hearts and minds by using only words that show love and respect and following through with our actions. Reach out to someone today in a special way passing on the words of God’s Son.

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