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February 18, 2013

Knowledge of Salvation

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Luke 1:77. to give his people knowledge of salvation through the forgiveness of their sins.

What beautiful knowledge – to know for sure our sins are forgiven by God.  How do we get that knowledge of assurance?  We get it through the gift of God’s Holy Spirit when we accept His Son, Jesus, as Lord and Savior.  It takes a while for most of us to really believe we are forgiven and not keep bringing up the same sin over and over.  That is primarily because we fail to forgive ourselves.  Self-forgiveness is a necessary step in believing God’s forgiveness.  Another necessary step is to forgive others.  When we pray the Lord’s Prayer we ask God to forgive us in the same measure we forgive others.  Our question is since God forgives who are we not to forgive others and ourselves.  Let’s make sure we walk in total forgiveness.  This is salvation which leads to lives spent in eternity in the very prince of God.

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