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March 13, 2013

Walk the Talk

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Colossians 2:23. Even though they have the appearance of wisdom with their self-imposed worship and false humility achieved by an unsparing treatment of the body-a wisdom with no true value-they in reality result in fleshly indulgence. 

Many people are full of good talk.  The expound on things to show how much they know.  The say they are humble so much that there seems to be pride in their “humility.”  They are quick to give advice and tell others what they should do.  At a glance they seem full of wisdom.  We are told to look at the fruits and not so much at the person.  It is by the fruits in Galatians 5 that we can determine the knowledge and wisdom of a person.  As I have been writing this Lenten series on knowledge and wisdom and am amazed at the responses.  I know my knowledge and wisdom are quite limited.  Without the trust that God gives me the words to write I could write nothing.  Jesus said the stones could praise Him if the people were silent.  God used a mule to speak to a prophet.  Our question is are we willing to listen and then do our part in opening our mouth or writing what we hear?  God has something for each one of us to hear and share.  What does He want you to hear and share today?  How does He want you to share it?  When we quit hearing it is because we haven’t followed through with what we last heard.  May I encourage you to listen today and share with someone what you hear.

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