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March 19, 2013

The Lamb

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Revelation 5:12. all of whom were singing in a loud voice: “Worthy is the lamb who was killed to receive power and wealth and wisdom and might. and honor and glory and praise!”

Jesus is the Lamb Who received power, wealth, wisdom, might, honor, glory and praise.  He received this because He walked this earth in total obedience to God the Father.  When we accept Jesus and follow Him we share in what He receives because He said we are joint heirs with Him.  As joint heirs and through His Holy Spirit we are given access to His power, wealth, wisdom and might.  Our question is are we willing to use what He has available for us?  If we are we must walk in obedience and not in self-indulgence.  We must walk in trust He will give us all we need to follow His example.  It is only through the shed blood of God’s perfect lamb, Jesus, that we become worthy of these gifts.  

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