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March 30, 2013


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Luke 23:49. And all those who knew Jesus stood at a distance, and the women who had followed him from Galilee saw these things.

Between the crucifixion and resurrection. What devastation.  What mixed feelings they must have had.  For 3 years they worked with Jesus expecting Him to save them from the tyranny of Rome.  He was their King, their Messiah.  Now He was dead.  If that wasn’t bad enough they also felt guilt.  Not one of them stood up for Him.  They all fled and some watched from a distance.  Before we judge them too harshly we must look at ourselves.  Do we always stand up for Him?  Are there times we don’t honor His name?  Are there times we put a distance between us and our God?  If we are honest we must answer yes to these questions?  Our question is what will we do with our failures to stand up for our God?  We can choose to keep our distance or we can choose to allow His Holy Spirit to draw us into oneness with Him.

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