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April 6, 2013

Confirmation Through Scripture

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Mark 16:13. They went back and told the rest, but they did not believe them.

After the 2 on Emmaus road realized it was really Jesus, they went back to tell the other disciples who were still hiding in fear and confusion.  As with the women the disciples couldn’t believe them.  Sometimes it is hard to believe what people we know tell us they have seen, especially when it is something we least expect.  We cannot imagine how those 11 felt when suddenly Jesus appeared to them and chided them for not believing their friends when they told them what He told them would happen.  They couldn’t believe He was real. He showed them His hands and feet, ate some fish and opened up the scriptures to them.  Once again Jesus was using the written word as a witness to who He is.  We are faced with the same question: how much do we eat of the written word, the Holy Bible, which God has so lovingly given us.  When we share our experiences of Jesus in our lives with others do we back it up with scripture?  Let us not just plant seeds in others.  Let us be sure to fertilize them with the word of God.

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