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April 17, 2013

Other Appearances

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Acts 1:3
To the same apostles also, after his suffering, he presented himself alive with many convincing proofs. He was seen by them over a forty-day period and spoke about matters concerning the kingdom of God.

The Gospel writers didn’t feel it necessary to record all the appearances of Jesus during those 40 days.  No one disciple knew every appearance.  They recorded enough for us to understand Jesus did rise from. The dead,people were able to see, touch, hear and talk to Him.  He was building their faith through His appearances and preparing them to use the power of the Holy Spirit through the opening of understanding the scriptures.  They were beginning to understand the Kingdom Jesus talked about is different from what they thought.  Today we have the assurance of that knowledge through the Holy Spirit.  We know His Kingdom begins in us when we open our lives to Him. Our question is how are we treating His Kingdom that has begun in us?  We need to feed it with the Bread of Life (Jesus).  We need to fertilize it with the written Word (the Holy Bible) and we need to let it grow through our testimony and works.  

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