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May 4, 2013


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Matthew 20:22. Jesus answered, “You dont know what you are asking!  Are you able to drink the cup I am about to drink?”  They said to him, “We are able.” 

The disciples had no idea what would happen if they got what they were asking for.  They said they could handle it but they couldn’t.  Before we judge them too harshly we must look at our own track record.  I know I’ve prayed for things that, if they had come about, it would have created problems.  Sometimes God allows us to have what we ask for to teach us.  I learned to pray very specifically through such an incident.  I was to meet a well digger on our new property.  We held hands at our breakfast table and prayed, “God give us a lot of water.”  That is all we asked.  A good supply of water was reached at 55 feet.  I returned to the rental house and, as I opened the door I heard what sounded like our aquarium but that was in storage.  When I stepped through the door I was ankle-deep in water.  The water heater bottom had rusted out and no one was there to turn off the water.  We did not specify where we wanted the abundance of water so God gave it to us.  He is the One Who created humor and we had to laugh as we realized what He was teaching us.  Our question is, when we pray, do we ask God to guide our requests or just barge through?

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