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May 10, 2013

Look and Expect

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Acts 3:4 Peter looked directly at him (as did John) and said, “Look at us!”

This lame man had given up.  Even when he asked for money he apparently didn’t expect any.  He wouldn’t even bother to look at the people he was wanting help from.  He had to be told to look me pay attention to them.  Our question is when we pray asking God for something do we really look to Him?  So often we ask because that is what we were taught to do,.  We really don’t expect ny real help.  We just accept our lot.  When we speak to my one communication is better if we look at them.  We can’t see God physically but we can look at Him when we speak to Him.   We look by really focusing our attention on Who He is.  We see Him as the Creator of ll that was, is and will ever be.  We see Him as our provider of all we need.  We speak to Him with the assurance that He really does hear us.  We speak and look to Him as our Source of being.  We se peak and look to Him with thanksgiving and expectation in our hearts, eyes, minds and speech.  Let us look directly t our God.

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