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May 12, 2013


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Luke 12:8. “I tell you, whoever acknowledges me before men, the Son of Man will also acknowledge before Gods angels.

We must acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God before men for Him to acknowledge us before God the Father. Our question is are we open about our belief? Are we willing to let others see and hear of our love for God? So often we think our spiritual beliefs should be kept private. Not only are we concerned about what others would think of us if they knew our beliefs, we are also concerned that our beliefs might offend others. This kind of attitude makes us appear to be ashamed of our relationship with Jesus. I want God to hear Jesus say I am His. My prayer is that His Holy Spirit will give me the boldness and courage to be open with all round me and let them see and hear of my love for God through Jesus, His only begotten Son.

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