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May 14, 2013

Gnarls and Scars

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James 1:2. My brothers and sisters, consider it nothing but joy when you fall into all sorts of trials,

I Ike old trees. Trees with lots of gnarls. The gnarls give the old trees character. Each one is unique and different from all others. A gnarl is a twisted growth. We have gnarls also. They appear differently on us. Many are visible through actions or attitudes. They come from past sins in our lives. Things we’ve done or were done to us that left a scar. Scars are good if they aren’t picked at. A scar means healing has or is taking place. When we look at a scar we are reminded of the cause. If the scar has been allowed to heal completely it serves to remind us what not to do. These kind of scars are healed through confession and forgiveness. Sometimes they require restitution for compleat healing. God is the healer. When we try to heal them on our own the scar can be very ugly. We don’t know how to heal them like God does. Our question is have and are we allowing God to heal our scars or are we trying on our own? Are we scratching at old scars and reopening them or are we praising God for a lesson learned, walking in His (and our) love and forgiveness and moving forward with a character which shows through actions and attitudes, the love and forgiveness of our God?

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