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May 19, 2013

Seeing the Small Signs

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1 Kings 18:44 The seventh time the servant said, “Look, a small cloud, the size of the palm of a mans hand, is rising up from the sea.” Elijah then said, “Go and tell Ahab, Hitch up the chariots and go down, so that the rain wont overtake you. ”

Please read the entire chapter. There was a drought. Ahab had given up on God answering the prayer for rain and had gone back to his normal things. Elijah stayed in prayer, knowing God would answer. His servant came back repeatedly from looking for signs of rain telling Elijah there was nothing. Elijah told him to quick bringing back negative news and just come when he saw a sign. It was just a little cloud but Elijah knew the faithfulness of God and told his servant to hurry or the rain would overtake him. How often are we like Ahab, giving up, or the servant, negative. We miss the little signs that God sends us because we look for the big signs. Missing the little signs means not standing in faith. Our question is do we only want to wait until we can see the big thereby missing the small signs of promise? Let us pray for God’s Holy Spirit to open our eyes to the little seeds which, united with our faith, will grow into the big.

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