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June 5, 2013

Facing Giants

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1 Samuel 17:37 David went on to say, “The Lord who delivered me from the lion and the bear will also deliver me from the hand of this Philistine!” Then Saul said to David, “Go! The Lord will be with you.”

The entire Israeli army cringed in fear at the challenge of Goliath. Not one man, regardless of size or strength. would face the giant. David was only a young teen. Though he was young he knew His God. When he heard Goliath defame the name of God, David became angry. He knew Goliath should be silenced. He knew God was on his side and would give him the ability to silence the giant. David did not depend on the armor made by man. He depended on the armor of God, picked up his stones and went forward to face the giant. We all have Goliaths in our lives. Sometimes we cower and let the giants taunt us and tempt us. We fear we cannot face them and defeat them. Sometimes we try to used worldly ways to defeat the giants in our lives but these ways fail us. We need to be like David. We need to depend on God’s armor and protection. We need to pick up our stone which is our sword which is the Word of God. This takes action on our part. The stones did not go to David, David went to the stones and picked them up. Then David, by his will and actions, walked forward and faced the giant. Our questions is will we be like David and face our giants with the power and protection of God or will we be like the Israelite army and cower and listen to the taunts of our wordly giants?

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