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July 5, 2013

True Worship

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John 4:23. But a time is coming and now is here when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father seeks such people to be his worshipers.

Our worship of God is not dependent on churches, ministers, special days, icons or anything or anyone else. All these may help but they do not worship. The time has come for us to be able to worship any time or any place in spirit and truth because God has given us His Holy Spirit. He dwells within each believer so we can worship in spirit and truth. Our question is do we? Everywhere we go, all we see and all we do is an opportunity to worship. When is the last time you worshiped God by yourself? Take a worship walk or seek a quiet, solitary place. You need no one else with you. You have God’s Holy Spirit in you to worship in and through you. Corporate worship is great. It feeds us and encourages us. Private worship is precious. Give it a try today.

It Was So

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Genesis 1:9. God said, ………… It was so.

God speaks and it happens. All creation responds to God’s direction spoken words. That is all except mankind. God gave man a choice. He wants us to respond to His spoken word because of our love for Him. When we choose to respond we receive life for God’s spoken word is life. It is in His spoken word that all life exists. Without His spoken word in us we are as dry grass, easily consumed by the fire of sin and darkness. Our question is will we continually allow His spoken word in us? Remember His word became flesh through Jesus Christ. Jesus said it is only through Him that we can be in the presence of God. Let His Holy Spirit dwell actively in us that the spirit, power and life of God’ Word can grow and flow.

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